Sunday, March 1, 2009

the photographer reloads his Film & send me your POEM!

This is such a great image. A very young gentleman maybe 17 who is reloading his film into his 4X5 camera in the middle of a street while 2 little boys driving a makeshift cart and horse driving past almost in a blur. This is such a great image and one that reminds me how much of a wonderful thing those early cameras were. I know if I was alive then I would have had one. This is an image that I found last night in one of the albums I am selling out of.

Sunday is here again and oh how I wish it was Monday. Tonite is the annual basketball dinner and we must go and sit while both coaches of the boys and girls go through each players skills and accomplishments.. its parent duty. I am sure it will be fun.

Sun is shining in Sedona.. nothing new but I know that there is snow in Port Angeles... that is still cold. It should be about 65 today.. hope that doesn't make anyone jealous because in a month we will have our air conditioners on to keep cool while you are enjoying spring breezes!

Don't forget to send me your original poems so that I can post them tomorrow. Short is fine but must be original! I have one so far!!

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