Saturday, March 7, 2009

Look Out from Atop the Hill

I came across this image of Cousin Esther atop a hill in Pennsylvania with her binoculers looking out over a valley below her. I thought how often we forget all about the adventures that lie outside of our home and how all we have to do is "look out" and see what there is to see. I love the connection that vintage photos give us to the past and often to the present. This woman's hair pulled back in a simple ribbon hangs so far down her back. She was an adventurer but also had good sense. I love this one.. simple but great!
SAturday... oh I am thrilled I am going to have a steam and massage at our local spa here in town. A very dear friend of mine so generously gave me a gift certificate to the spa for my birthday and I will use it today. The weather has turned almost bitterly cold. Of course I put up my flower pots filled with pansies and ranunculas but its not cold enough for snow..I hope!
The steam bath is sounding so nice right now.. I got up at 4 am to drive Rita to the school for the bus to Phoenix and her first outdoor meet of the year. The bus was ahalf hour late and I sat there waiting in the cold with the kids and the coach. Finally it showed up. Gee it had to be 35 degrees. Now that may seem warm to those of you in midwest but for us this time of year should be in the 70s. I am still glad to be indoors and warm. Enjoy the day! its SATURDAY!!

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