Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cyano Tango Current about to expire treasury

Ok so I am getting this up a little late in the day... heh what do you want I finished my taxes..did you?
I had some interesting comments and if you want to see them, click the title to see them. I think Rita's Axilotl threw people off because it is so scary. Its an actual creature that lives in the water.
I just finished walking blue and ran home to my new BlueAir purifier. Gosh I am in the wrong business. The air business and water business were a boom waiting to happen now that the government has made both almost naturally intolerable.. Dont get me started.. I wish I didn't know as much as I do about the air and even the water.
I am still very hopeful that things will turn around. I heard last night we are out of Iraq in 2011 which seems like a lifetime from now but at least its a start. But then there is Afghanistan.. its always something. Why do we have to be at war with someone all the time. Why can't we be like New Zealand and Iceland and spend our money wisely instead of wasting it on wars. Ok don't get me started on that. I am actually in a good mood today and by the look of most of the beautiful new treasuries on Etsy.. most everyone else is as well.!

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