Saturday, January 31, 2009

Needle Felted Heart in Hand

It seems like the heart is fitting into the hand these days.. I am not sure why but I love the items this seller has in her shop. I have always loved felt back in the days when my parents had a 3D collaged framed item on the wall that was a print with real felt clothes.. something so magical about felt. You know it is soft just to look at it and probably made from wool. So please head over to her store and see the nice items.. I even featured her bird in my latest treasury. I would fill a room with felt toys if I could, this heart is so nice! Click the title to see her store, Moondogfarm.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Twin Girls & Their Dolls

This is an image from my glass negative collection of twin girls and their dolls. There is something very Diane Arbus about these two girls. I don't mean in a sinister type of way but rather an unusual image in that the two are alike this is obvious but yet despite the attempt by the photographer there is something that sets them apart. This setting by the side of the house, a very typical spot for a photo in early 1900s and also the lighting was pretty nice.. To me the nicest and most beautiful part of the photo is how delicately their hands touch, connecting them in a way that goes beyond the photo, to some other place that only twins can go, that knowing feeling of always having the other.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Marsh Kodak Store San Francisco 1914

Here is an amazing image of a store front from a photo album that I am listing on Ebay right now that belonged to a man named Roy Rogers from Monterey or Carmel. I only think this is his name as there is a postcard addressed to a "Mrs Rogers" in the album and a boy who looks like his father did when he was little named"ROy Jr." so piecing that together I came up with this little story about the man who took this photo and here is my listing from Ebay, if interested in seeing a close up of this store front click the title and you will be taken to the auctions where there is a close up and you can see right into the window there is an exhibit going on. This is where the Marriott is now in SF..imagine.. here is my posting from the auction:

an original vintage photo that was taken by an artist who lived with his wife and child in Monterey or Carmel CA. I have acquired a lovely album of his and by piecing the story through the photos and a few written comments I surmised he lived there after attending school in SF. His images were taken to do paintings or illustrations from and are incredibly well thought out in their design.
This image identified on back with the photographer's sepia script,"Marsh & Co. Show window, not a large on-but they do the business just the same-Some of my lettering on the window."
there is a 1914 diary in the window..
I found out that this company Marsh-Garvin later known as Marsh Girvin due to a misspelling was located at the place where the Marriott Hotel now resides. Amazing.. I would love to have seen this little store! There is an amazing display inside the window of and a sign that says "photo exhibition"(maybe it was used as a gallery for photographers), and most appear to be landscapes.. I wonder if this photographer had one of the images up in there that I am listing now on Ebay? Who knows... you can see the Kodak cameras clearly and one is $25! this is truly one for the photo collector and the detail is amazing. There is a surface crease but it doesn't even go through to the back so it doesn't affect the photo's clarity. I would think this should be scanned and blown up in some type of photography museum in San Fran. All of the images listed in my store with the info being from Monterey and or Carmel and surrounding missions etc came from this photographer's album. Just clear and beautiful showing California central coast in all its early day glory!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cold but Beautiful!

I am keeping it simple today... no stress.. up until 2 am waiting for daughter to get back from basketball in Phoenix. I watched conan o'brien that is how late I was up. this photo was taken last august in front of my home here in Sedona. Notice the little cloud on the right it is an upside down heart! I know I am seeing hearts in everything these days.. and after making way too many treasuries the past few weeks I am seeing them in my dreams.. I thought today I would send these clouds to all who visit to have a little sunshine and amazing cloudery for their very own.. don't dismay if you are in cold weather.. we are at present although lots of Arizona sunshine coming our way.. this little photo just might brighten your day!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

My Heart is in Your Hands

It is almost Valentine's day and the fervor is in the heart and all shapes like it. This is an image of my own hands holding a rock on the beach in Santa Cruz. I just had to tint it even though the image stood alone as a rock shaped like a heart. I was hunting for a piece of lace.. well I still am, and while digging through boxes stacked up in the hall closet I came across several original painted photos which I am going to try an list over the next few days on my etsy store. This is one of them and if you are interested in seeing it larger click the title to go to the store page where it is and then click on the magnifier under the photo to see the larger version.

Well I think I have too many things on my plate.. I need to find this piece of lace as I believe it is valuable and I want to give it to my daughter who is starting a business in Oregon selling a wonderful product that is at present hush hush for fear of competitors.. all I can say is that big hotels are begging for it but she cannot process it because it is expensive to process and ship so she needs cash outlay and I think this piece of lace is like a gift from above.

Yesterday I was telling Sheila, one of my many sisters, that I was hunting down this piece of lace that was given to me 30 years ago by my older daughter's grandmother. It had been on the bottom of her mother's wedding dress which had been imported from Italy and was vintage at the time of purchase for her gown. She lived on the mainline in Philadelphia, an only child of a very wealthy banker and her wedding could not have been more lavish as I was told. That lace was my gift when she died and I saw a piece like it online for a very high price and I flashed to the piece of lace that I had tucked away with all my treasures into a vintage purse that I recvd. from my mother's mother. Where is it I am still asking myself. I know I have it somewhere. So while telling this story to Sheila she said, "I just checked the front page of Etsy this second and it switched to a new treasury which had at the top right corner,"found while doing a search of the word,"lace". Wow, I thought, a true message from above... maybe this lady from Philadelphia knows how important it is for my daughter to have this lace for her business and she will guide me to it... Hours later, I still hadn't located it, but instead have found some very nice images that I had painted years ago and at the time had decided not to sell. I hope you will check into my store over the next few days as I will list them. This is one of 3 I posted last night. I try to write a little story about each photo, where I took it and why.. So enjoy the photos, the day and the week.. may it be filled with found treasures and lots of heartfelt love!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Girls Feed Pet Sheep on the Farm tinted Vintage photo

Here is a wonderful print from my vintage photo collection.
This image is one of 2 young girls on the farm, a sun drenched day, bottle feeding a pet sheep. I know that this sheep remained the older girl's pet as there were many other images of the sheep as it grew older on the farm, eating grapes from the arbor on the porch, standing upright and the mother hand feeding the sheep the grapes and others of a baby riding on the back of the sheep while the older girl held the baby in place.
Just knowing this about the sheep I fell in love with it! The tenderness this girl who's name was Virgi, and her family gave to the sheep was so touching to me. I was raised on a farm for the first 11 years of my life and although we never had sheep we had many other type of animals. I always wanted a sheep and in my 20s ended up having 3 goats, not the same but close enough.
I have lightly tinted the image to add extra charm and think it would be a wonderful photo in a frame in a country kitchen or little child's room.
Now I have the idea that I probably should not have sold the other 2 photos that went with this one as I could have used them in a story about this sheep.
You can see how I couldn't possibly sell this photo.. there was no way.
I think its getting harder and harder for me to part with the best photos for ebay as I am no longer getting what the true value is for them. I am certain that last year at this same time I would have gotten above $50 for this photo and today I might be lucky with $7. It the same for everything.. this really is the time to buy anything collectible as the prices are so low... I should probably be buying instead of selling!
Please keep your eyes open for anything I could tint for my cloth doll series... I am happy to purchase from anyone... send a scan and I will reply.
Well its finally raining here in Sedona, finally as it really is the first time since mid December.. it was so dry here and the birds are so happy!
Have a wonderful Saturday and weekend.. I am going to see Slumdog Millionaire tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Trick Photography 2 Girls but Really one!

First of all again thanks to all who sent in stories for the doll contest.. I will be happy to add any to this group if sent in at any time about any toy.. love having photos or drawings to show too if you have them.
Second... a new President is worthy of a note here.. I for one am hopeful even if that sounds trite as we have had 8 years of fear and loathing and now I think when you are down so long it almost looks like up.. as a nation that is.. but not true.. we can always rise to the occasion and move ourselves forward.. it is what we do best as a nation of mixed background immigrants and those who's grand parents came over in the early 1900s as mine did. I spent alot of time yesterday on a website called Geni and got to see photos of my father's grandmother Mary and my great grandpa Harry Henry Clancy.. what a handsome guy.. He married a wonderful woman and they had many children in Ireland and later.. coming over on the boat "Cedric" the sister ship to the Titanic.. in 1914. they settled in Detroit and it was there that my grandfather PAtrick Joseph or "Appie" as he was nicknamed, grew up and met my grandma Beatrice Rogers.. they had 5 children and my dad was the oldest as I am. So several of us having had our grandparents born in Ireland applied for and recieved Irish citizenship of which I hold dear as I am able to move there or anywhere that the queen rules and live as a full citizen. I love America and probably will never leave but to have that option is a nice feeling. I tried to post the photos from Geni but the image has a marker on it which will not let me post.. I will post them when I recv the cd I requested from my cousin Mark who is 50 today..happy birthday Mark!!

I have posted a photo again from my friend in France who has an extensive glass negative collection and he sent this one of an early trick photo where the photographer used the same girl and different exposures to create the look of 2 girls with one doll in buggy.. I love the attempt at the illusion.. especially since the buggy moved and we see the movement...
So a new day in America.. celebrate.. out with old in with new for whatever that may mean.. let us all keep the new pres and his wife and kids and vice pres in our prayers and hearts that they may rise to the occasion, keep us safe.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Contest-Doll Stories of Long Ago- How can I chose a winner

Here it is Monday and I knew putting it off would be impossible because as I predicted to myself I would not be able to chose... 3 friends my mom and an Aunt have submitted their stories and each one has touched me in a special way... Here is the first one from my friend who is a writer and lives in New Jersey..

Here's a little memory of my doll, Alice...
Long-Lost Alice
by Jane Pedler
Alice was a doll with bright red hair; a typical 1950's doll...not a baby, but formed like a small child. I named her Alice because I wished my mom had given me that name...I always thought my own name was plain and ugly! I played with her when I was really small, but then she got sort of put aside in time; I guess I was too involved with other toys. When we were moving from the house that had belonged to my newly deceased grandfather, to the house I still live in now, I was about 8 years old, and very upset because I didn't want to move. I thought leaving that house was like leaving my grandpa behind, too, like he didn't matter anymore. When the moving truck came, I went to the room that had been his, for the last time. It was filled with boxes, and among the things lying on top of some of them, was my long-lost Alice doll! I grabbed her and hugged her. It was like she was there to comfort me when I needed her, even though I hadn't even played with her for awhile! I wish I still had her! (Sadly, I think my mom, who was very neat and organized, discarded her a few years later, when my doll-playing years had ended!) I remember Alice so fondly though...

The Toy Story
by Patty Bailey
(my aunt)

I wasn't much of doll lover as a young girl. I really can't recall a favorite toy. But stories and books were my passion for as long as I can remember. When I was four years old, my mother read the book that started me on my addiction to fiction. It was "The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew" I can remember sitting on her lap, snuggled close to her chest with her chin resting on my head. I would her the finality in her voice as she finished a chapter and beg for just one more. With only a mild protest, she would turn the page and give in to my pleas.

I don't recall if it was winter or summer, indoors or out. But I can feel her chin and the warmth of her body as she spun the story that got me hooked. From the Peppers I progressed to the Bobsey Twins, Nan and Bert and Flossie and Freddie. Then came Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. The library was my home away from home. When I begged to read The Mutiny On The Bounty at the age of ten, my mother had to come to the library to check it out for me as it was in the 'adults only' section and the librarian wouldn't give in to my pleading.

To this day, I prefer a good book to any other type of entertainment. It comforts me to see the resurgence of reading among young people despite the techno gizmos that vie for the free time of today's youngsters. The Harry Potter books are proof that children can still lose themselves in make believe just as I did so long ago on my mother's lap.

Raggedy Ann
by Sarah Foley

When I was 3 and a half years old, our family had a good friend who was a photographer for our local town paper, the Oak Leaves. One day he asked my mother if I would come in for a photo shoot for the yearly fundraiser for the local Community Chest...well, when I knew that I would be having my photo taken with the Santa, from Gilmore's Department Store....I said YES! I remember when that very special day finally came along, and I woke up early just to get ready! I laid out my very favorite dress, and Sunday best! When it was time to go, I ran up to my room to get my favorite doll to bring with me, my Raggedy Ann doll. Well, there was only one problem...poor Raggedy Ann's clothes were still in the washing machine...soaking wet! So, as you can see from this front page photo...Raggedy Ann went to the photo shoot all decked out in her "Birthday" suit! I loved her so much...that it didn't even matter that she wasn't even wearing any clothes!! As you can see, she was very well loved!

Baby Dear

By Sandra Maxwell

My favorite doll was Eloise Wilkin's Baby Dear doll made by the Vogue Doll company. For my 5th birthday 1962 I received the very cute thumbelina baby doll made by Ideal. Although I loved Thumbelina with her sweet painted blue eyes and cupids mouth my heart longed for Vogues Baby Dear. Baby Dear looked very much like Thumbelina but had one distict difference. Baby Dear was soft and floppy. She did talk, move, burp or cry. She was pure and real. Baby dear molded into a 5 year olds arm like no other. Thumbelina had a knob on her back when wound would make her move and wiggle. I was not impressed. I was in near tears at the party as I longed for Baby Dear. I later told my mom of my true 5 years olds heart desire. somehow, magically, Baby Dear appreared safe and at home with me. Baby Dear made me feel like a real mom. I proudly held her for what seemed like hours and hours a day. She went everywhere with me. Today, I still have my Baby Dear. She is completely bald with only a sprig of hair left. She is ripped and torn with her soft cotton stuffing peeking out at various seams. Baby dear proudly sits among my doll collection in a place of honor. Her face, with her squinty painted blue eyes still melts my heart. When I pick her up I magically feel 5 years old again. The classic poem, oh backwards oh backwards oh time in thy flight Make me a child again just for one night, is so fitting as that is how I feel when I look at my dear baby dear. For just a mere moment I feel like a child again.

Sandra added this to her story: Baby Dear didn't talk, move, or cry. Hope it makes sense now.

The Goodfellows Christmas Dolls Story

by Joan Clancy(my mom)

I was a child of the Depression and one Christmas an organization called The Good fellows came to our house on Christmas eve and left presents for all four of us children. My sister and I each got a beautiful doll. I got Shirley Temple and she received Jane Withers. Both were popular movie stars at that time.I treasured that doll for many years and have always remembered that magical Christmas eve.

Cheryl Conklin's Doll Story-Aunt Mary Ann's daughter

When Cheryl was about six,, for Christmas she wanted a doll that could talk,, like Charley McCarthy did,,(as a ventriloquist) I looked everywhere for one,, and finally found one,, but it was a black doll. I got it anyway,, as I didn't want to disappoint her. When she opened the package,, her mouth just dropped,and she said,, mom, Santa thought I was a little black girl,, wonder why? and I said,, it doesn't matter dear,, it is still one like you wanted,, only a different color. She loved it very much,, and played with it constantly.

All wonderful stories!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday... is there enough time in the Day if I sleep in until 7 am? More doll stuff running through my head

here is a close up of a photo I sold on ebay.. does it get cuter? I think we all had this feeling of loving our little dolls or toys when we were young.. I have come across many little boys with dolls too and will share them sometime... this is especially sweet!

I am thrilled to see my photo on the Front page of etsy.. the Isadora dancers.. they are so sweet. thanks to enhabiten for the treasury!
I am working at fever pitch to get more of my tintype and vintage dolls sewn.. slight set back with Ralphie.. I didn't give him enough room and he might be too thin to stand. I will redo him and also printed out the darling new yellow dress tintype baby which I predict will be one of my favorite dolls yet.... I want to thank my friend Sandra for her constant inspiration and friendship with these dolls.. it was her idea to make them to begin with and now like a horse that has started to gallop on the straight away.. I cannot stop. I have always loved cloth and art dolls. I have a few my sister Sheila made that I bought from her over the years as she has been making the dolls for years.. I think there is nothing like cloth dolls.. it just reminds me so much of the primitive folk art dolls of old... I also love the bisque and porcelain dolls and the lovable rubber dolls all dolls really but to have a group like this is fun! I am also interested in doing pets such as dogs, cat and rabbit and horse.. if anyone comes across any old photos of any of these animals they want to share or sell to me... please write as I would love to tint them and make them into dolls. My friend Jane Pedler who is the writer for the stories I am making is also on a creative surge for she has so much to tell.. Anyone interested in her stories of children from long ago should contact me and I will put you in touch with her to get a copy and to read a description of the stories... all I can tell you is that I have never met anyone who writes better stories of children from long ago.. the stories will make you laugh and cry... she has the best visuals possible and I am over the moon to be able to work with her on this doll/book project.. Get some rest Jane.. she works 2 jobs back in New Jersey and writes during one of them...
OK on to work... Oh yeah I am thinking of collecting doll stories and putting photos with them and making a table book.. I love that idea...don't you?

Friday, January 16, 2009

front page first thing 6 a.m.-Spreading Peace Now..Peace Baby!!

yesterday was an emotionally charged day.. yes mercury the ruler of communication is/was spinning backwards until the 31st and that has alot to do w it as Mercury is the planet that rules communications.
I am interested in marketing myself on Etsy and make treasuries along with other family members. We often feature each other and also other wonderful artists in our quilt of choices. My sister Sharon and I had to deal with a person on an off etsy flckr group who was being mean and accusing our family of being immoral.. I had posted her name but decided it was not going to do anyone any good to know her. She said some untrue things and then this morning I went to the blog and she had written a public recount saying she based her entire rantings on one other person's observation that one of our family members had made treasuries without a store(which she now has), and that we were all in some big conspiracy about it.. I admit it was pretty upsetting but then this morning I awoke to this beautiful FP and feel that its better to stay away from these ranters and continue to work in a positive surrounding with people you love and care for and to let those who live in fear and anger stay there....I am hoping that today will be a better day and to all those who are good and true on etsy... keep spirits high and don't let the jealous ones try to bring you down.. be positive and happy and keep doing your best... for there is nothing more you can do.. and spread love and peace in the world. there is enough fear to make that task seem impossible... but.. all we really can do is try to love one another and give support to those who need it... That is my piece for the day... may you go in peace.. today and always....XXOO

Thursday, January 15, 2009

little girl in blossoms w her doll- my doll story-CONTEST

Doll Toy Book story contest extension- I have decided to wait until Monday to compile all the stories for the blog.. please bear with me and to those who still have not submitted, here is my email to send it to or leave on this blog..

I love this image although she seems very tired in this one.. I think children have never appreciated posing. My oldest was my subject all through college photo classes until I got wise and started to ask friends and even strangers to pose for me. if I get brave I will list some of my early images from long ago photo classes.

I think we all had a favorite doll. Mine was my Madame Alexander that my mom brought to me in the hospital after my tonsils were taken out. I was so weak and when she walked in with that wedding dress doll I knew she would be my favorite. Before her my favorite was when I lived on the farm as a young girl of about 7 I received a Betsy Wetsy which would drink a bottle and then wet her diaper.. what a thrill to see something that was a body function happen with a doll.. I think my brothers took her and buried her outside and we found her years later with one of her eyes missing in a pile of dirt. I was scared of dolls for a long time after that.. being a visual person I could only see the missing eye and it haunted me.

I would love to hear from anyone what their favorite doll or toy was as a child and maybe a short paragraph and if you don't mind me posting it I will list them all on Saturday morning. Lets see what comes up! If you want to include any photos that would be great also.. just send them to me via my email at

****I will mail a beautiful print of my French toys in the attic photo from my friend in France to the winner of the story...***

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Front Page while I slept! hooray!

I found out by going to my treasuries this morning that this one had made front page at 4 am our time.. so it was 7 am eastern which is early but not bad. Congrats to all!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Summer Sisters on Porch w American Flag

I am on a flag thing lately... not that I am a flag person per se.. although I do love the American Flag as it is to me a symbol of our country that I love, but rather the flag in vintage photos seems to add a graphic element that cannot be denied. It represents celebration for days gone by, where the farmer and his wife and kids spent a day relaxing, participating in parades and picnics. Although this is usually a summer time celebration I cannot resist coloring a flag! To leave it black and white is almost a crime!
I decided to include both the original and the tinted photo to show what the process is. I went to the flag and selected every single line, cut it and pasted it into its own layer and then colored it.. all the blues, all the reds... I love the result... you can see what happened with the dresses and I even selected the beautiful huge collar of little girl and made it and her sleeve white. This was important for the photo. Their skin was lightened and eyes and cheeks tinted as well. This will probably be a perfect print.. the light was perfect.. no bad shadows on their faces so it is pretty even. I might even make myself a print of this to frame as I think it is so nice! The light on the screen door just feels like summer time and in the middle of winter I think we all need to feel that warmth.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

the inner chamer glass negative toned

Lately I am having a good time selectively toning different areas of photos. I have always admired the selenium toned photos that professionals did in the past. I remember oh so well standing out on my deck sepia toning photos with the stinkiest toner that was also highly toxic, making my printed photos brown. Now its a matter of photoshop. To think of all the work in those days to tone a photo. I am sure there are still the purist who love the smell of the sulphur and other chemicals used to tone the prints but one cannot argue poison in your nose and near your skin over the photoshop tools.
This image is from a glass negative from England from a very wealthy family who owned hundreds of acres. I bought a huge lot and spent way too much money having them shipped here from England. I toned this one in multiple layers and total time for alterations.. 1 hour! Not bad for the finished piece. This is I believe a mausoleum for a woman. You can see the stone roof is missing and through the door is an inner chamber that reveals a sculpture lying sideways in a fireplace like spot. I would bet that there was a body behind that spot. This is all conjecture on my part as usually glass negatives come with no documentation and its difficult to garner anything so I do tend to make up a story for them. This person/woman was well loved as an entire building was made to house her remains. I love the old look of it. I would guess that this building is barely there if at all today. I love how the iron gates seem to invite one's eye into the scene... I really am intrigued by this image.
Click the title so see the listing in my etsy store and then click the magnifier if you want to see it larger.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Lillyella's Front PAge

thanks to Lillyella for putting both my hold my hand tinted photo and my ruffled girl tintype photo both from my 2 different stores.. that was one of the most exciting front pages I have been on ever!

Rose Bloom in High PAss-ode to Portland Rose Garden-dedicated to a friend

I have a fascination for roses.. have since I was small. This one is so beautiful! I took it into photoshop and ran a high pass on it, adjuting the levels. Usually this filter is just for portraits but I wanted to try it out on this flower.
I am dedicating this rose to a dear friend who lost her father recently. She has really been through alot and this latest experience was difficult. I always feel flowers and birds and animals help us heal from our troubles.. its worked for me and I hope it does for her..
I remember on my last trip to Portland which was 2 summers ago, I was so excited to finally see the rose garden there. I got the camera and headed up the steep hill on the bus with Rita. the park in portland is so gorgeous and we were there at the optimum time to see the roses, mid July. I got out the camera when I arrived at the garden of beautiful roses and started to take photos. After one photo the battery died and the little store there didn't carry the correct type for my camera. I stood there upset and then realized that I had come to see and smell the roses.. not just to take photos. I very rarely am moved to tears by anything in nature but the incredible perfection of roses is something that most of us cannot deny. Tears filled up in my eyes at the incredible beauty of some of the roses and I knew that my deep connection with them is much too strong to forget their beauty because I didn't have my camera or wouldn't have photos to look at.
I spent my time content to look and gasp and enjoy the smell and pleasantness of the day. In some way I felt unburdened to not take photos as the other senses could take over. For a photographer it could have been a trauma but I turned it around and was proud. Isimply loved the roses and in return they loved me back.
I guarantee a wonderful experience if you are ever in Portland to visit their rose garden.. one of the most wonderful places on earth, roses love the climate there and like grapes that thrive in Sonoma.. roses are happiest in Portland.. I am convinced of that!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mermaid w Rose Flower Garland

Here is my latest tinted photo. I bought this image about 20 years ago as a postcard. It was garishly tinted and I never liked it.. I decided to give the photo a make over. I turned the image into a black and white. This is done in the saturation section of photoshop. There is a little box that you can check that says colorize and if you check that you can turn the color black and white and then fool with the dials to make it the hue you wish.. then I selected each individual area and copied and pasted it into its own layer and then tinted it in the selective color area.
Voila an old photo with a new look!
A little about the history of the mermaid
Mermaids are reported all over Europe. In Ireland they are called Merrows or Murirruhgachs, in Cornwall, Merrymaids, in the Shetland islands, Sea-trows, while the Germans on the Rhine called them Meerfraus. The Scandanavians called them Navmands and the Russians, Rusalkas. Reports of mermaids go right back to the ancient Greeks and continued right up to the end of the 19th century. There have even been a few in the 20th century. The ancient Greeks called mermaids ‘sea nymphs’ or ‘nereids’ and describe them as simply nude women who swam in the sea, similar to a reported sighing in the 19th century.
There are so many websites online about mermaids.. I even found one here
about selkies.. those merfolk who are found north of Scotland on the islands of Orkney... such an interesting site too.
Well my photo is a human woman who poses wrapped to the feet in a satin or silk cloth. This was a common postcard and now days valued from $50-$100.
Keep your eyes peeled when visiting the sea shore.. who knows you might see a mermaid or merman..
click the title to go to see this image larger in my store where I am offering it as a valentine card. Then click the magnifier to see it full sized.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Little Flag Girl

Here is a quick once over on a glass neg that really should never be printed because the clarity just wasn't there but the image is just too good to let go and not be seen. The effort that the photographer went to setting this up is worth seeing. The little girl adorable and the big flag under her..I relaly love the image and probably would make a drawing from it as that would be nice as well.. I want to say here that although there are not alot of responses on my blog I was thrilled to get an email from a friend who said she reads my blog everyday and enjoys it and also mentions I should write a book. Its so great to get any feedback when you blog as you often can feel as if you are writing into a void and that you are doing it for yourself, which is ok too.
I am dedicating this image and blog to her.. she sprained her hand while trying to clip one of her many many dogs nails and fell over with the dog off the couch.. this sounds comical unless of course you are the one its happening too.
Yesterday my daughter was driving out of the driveway for her basketball practice and I remembered that the jersey was still in the dryer and she was leaving without it. I ran out after her in my socks in the 30 degree temps to stop her and let her know and cracked my right thumb on the doorknob as I ran quickly out to her... of course she was glad I stopped her but then was starting to mentally blame her for the thumb injury because if she had remembered the jersey herself I wouldn't be running after her. then the funny thing is in the morning when she goes to school I ask if she wants me to pack any food and she says" I don't need help" typical teen, and I am thinking of the jersey and how if I hadn't run it out she wouldn't be able to practice as that is the rule. SO every now and then parents are vindicated or whatever the idea is. I know that we all end up injuring ourselves to help our kids or pets one time or another and that we rarely will get the thanks or understanding we deserve... I just hope my friend heals quickly and her hand repairs so she can stop typing with the left hand.... Feel better Sarah!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Ginger Dog and My New Year's Resolution

My new years resolution... let me see.. spend more time making treasuries or better yet.. more time making art and less time making treasuries, which will it be.. I think that is a huge question for all of us who are trying to do a million things at once. I am vowing to spend more time balancing my life between being a mom and working and also getting more exercise.. the more I am on the computer the less I get.. I know Iknow... its cold outside... well that is what they make sweaters and scarfs for and there are alot of those on etsy to be sure.. so here I go,, walk the dog and get some fresh mountain air~I look forward to really trying to spend as much time as I can balancing and that means less tv time and more art time... and fresh veggies and fruit.. always helps the brain~and lots of love to my fellow bloggers.. I hope I make a post each day.. trying and maybe people will check my blog out!
hugs from Marianne

Thursday, January 1, 2009

West Fork PArk Sedona Strawflowers in Snow

For no reason at all I told Rita "we are going on an outing to the West Fork of Oak Creek Canyon". Despite having to pull herself out of bed after being up late the night before on the computer game, she obliged me and we packed the dog into the back and drove about 10 miles out ofa Sedona to a lovely spot.
There is a little park there with a path over the creek into the woods and the ice and snow had not melted all the way yet so we were able to take our new cameras and shoot some really lovely photos. I wish I had had more than tennis shoes with me as it was really slippery. the dog loved it and he looked crazy moving from one thing to the next having the time of his life in a nature's paradise.
I was able to get some really unusual images as there were some very old brick and wooden abandoned buildings there and even a dugout cave. If you are ever in Sedona please check this park out about 10 miles north out of Sedona on the canyon drive to Flagstaff, it is worth the stop and hike of about 20 minutes in each direction a path running along the creek back into a mountainous cave and onward into the mountains in better weather. I know we will return to this spot in better weather and go further next time.
Happy New Year to all and Joyeaux Nouveau Annee to my French friends!!

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