Friday, March 6, 2009

Birds Bees & Trees-Welcome to Spring!

Dogs and Hens in a Garden by Ande Cook

Just as yesterday was devoted to bees, today I am posting a beautiful image by a wonderful artist from Etsy. I was motivated by my birds singing outside and went on a journey off all things with bird in the title and was thrilled to find an artist I had favorited many moons ago.
Her art is colorful and inspiring and filled with life. This is one of my favorite images on her site but I encourage you to visit and see for yourself (click the title to go to her store!)all her wonderful bright paintings.
I am inspired to keep at my project I started last night which is an encaustic painting. Yes..I actually put wax down on the artboard and the thrill of the smell and applying it cannot be described! I am going to work a little each evening on it after all my other chores are done.
I hope this day is filled with birdsong for everyone.. every morning my birds sing before dawn and that really is inspiring as they are ready to greet the day, even before the day has begun.
I remember the mockingbirds at my home in California, they were my favorite as I believe they could not make up their mind which tune they liked best because they sang so many different ones to prove it. They weren't the prettiest feather on the block but made up for it in the variety of their song. Go out today and sing whatever song you like but for heaven's sake.... sing.. greet the day, the sun, life.. and be thrilled to wake to another day of it. For we never know how long this journey will be do we?

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chickory said...


thank you for featuring my painting on your page! i just lost my red hen last monday, so this is a lovely way that keeps her memory alive.

i think mockingbirds are amazing birds. only the brown thrasher (a close relative) can rival the mocker's song.

enjoy this early spring weekend. plese stop by my blog sometime, right now i have a post about the hen i lost (to a falcon) but later today i will have a new post of my new baby chicks!

*nice to meet you*

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