Monday, March 2, 2009

Spring BLossoms in my Neighborhood

grant it Arizona is nice.. it was 78 degrees today and I walked without a sweater and wore shorts! Yep true. However to try and locate any spring blossoms is not an easy task, they are not everywhere. These were around the corner from where I live. I worked a trick on them.. not au naturalle but that is fine.
Here is apoem to go with them written by another fab writer in the family, Joan Clancy.. my mom. Take it away mom:


Today I think I felt a bit of Spring!

I went walking, dressed in hat,scarf and gloves.

Before very long my heart began to sing.

I saw crocus, azalea buds and more!

I took off my gloves and then my scarf.

The air was so warm, my pulse began to soar.

I was almost home when I took off my hat.

I think Spring is here. Imagine that!


twolefthands said...

Beautiful Spring Blossoms Marianne! I thought I had a large family with six kids, but eleven, Holy Cow!

Connie said...

I love this!!! I'm totally feeling Spring fever here in the Valley!!!

Peace & Love.

moondogfarm said...

so beautiful! I'm a wee bit jealous...although I did get to see crocus and dafodils last month in Tenn. :)

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