Sunday, March 8, 2009

happy Birthday dear SARA!!!

Today is my oldest daughter's birthday. She is probably one of the best mothers on the entire planet! She was a truely delightful child always independent, even when she was 4 years old she pulled a chair to the counter and insisted on cooking all kinds of foods from scratch. She dressed herself in all manner of comfortable clothing and cared not if her room was organized, she was too busy being creative and playing and making plans.
Sara was born on international women's day. March 8th. She is celebrating it in Mexico where she has a 2nd home and her 4 beautiful children are going to be with her. Her husband is from Mexico and he and Sara have been blessed with the most beautiful and wonderful children and I am so lucky to be the grandma.
The photo below I took of her with her first daughter "little Ellen" who is now about 5ft10" and a movie star beauty just as she appears at this age of 2. She was named after my younger sister Ellen who though not a "big " person at all has maintained the name"big Ellen". Ellen is probably the most petite in our family of 7 girls but to distinguish between the two Ellen's at birthdays and family gatherings the two names just happened.
Sara has always taken the time to make sure that her children are not only the most beautiful but mostly the happiest. They have always had several dogs and now have an additional golden lab with their chihuahua mix"Pepito" who loves the baby Miranda as much as she loves him.
Sara is the most generous of any of my family members and even catered a family wedding for over 100 people and did a perfect job not allowing this person to pay her a nickel for what she did.
She is a chef supreme having owned and operated now4 restaurants and several catering businesses including being Barbara Streisand and Donna Karin's personal chef for a week in Cabo she is currently down there for some catering jobs coming up in the busy spring season in Cabo.
She is also the supreme multi tasker being able to crunch numbers, meet with executives and most recently with her partner KAtie is starting an incredible new business for the high end hotel chains, her first client being The Wynn hotel chain in Vegas. Did I say driven...? YEs that too but more than any other character trait like loving, giving and never complaining... Sara is always "cooking something up" on the back burner of her over the top creative mind... hats of souffle pans affire.. something is cooking in Sara's kitchen.
I am wishing her the happiest birthday ever!
love Mom!!


twolefthands said...

She is lovely Marianne! I can see why you are so very proud! Happy Birthday Sara! I have a Sarah too!

Sandra said...

Mickey Dolenz of the Monkees was born on March 8. I remember reading that fact in Teen Magazine back in the 60s. I also have a dear childhhod friend who was born March 8. Her name is Shirley. She is very smart,is a pilot, teaches math, the list goes on. March 8 seems to be a day when talented, beautiful people are born. Sandra

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