Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Bumble Bee in Art and Photo History

Wow these are both such wonderful pieces of the bumble bee in history and the second one will bee mine soon I hope!
The poster is about 3 ftX4ft and is hanging in the attic of a friend of mine in France who owns it. He has quite a collection of wonderful and unusual items and this is one of my favorite.
Many of you may or may not know that I also have a store on Ebay where I sell vintage and antique photos every day besides being on etsy. My symbol for my store is the bee and here is a link to that store if interested.
Clancy's Classics on Ebay
I have always loved the bee for many reasons.. first of course is that without the queen we would be lost. Second is the incredible industriousness that the bee has. In my own life I try always to do things that will produce a result. I love being industrious, and like both my parents, am on the go all the time whether in a chair or on foot.
I also have a mind that is continually thinking of things to do and make.. you may be like that also, if so, you could identify with the wonderful bumble bee.
And last but not least is the production of honey and wax. Both items we could never do without.
I am so inspired by the bee that today I am going to begin a project that I have a deep love for that has been on the back-burner for 5 years and that is to work on an encaustic painting. The wonderful colored beeswax has been calling my name for a long time and yesterday I went into the garage and dragged out all the supplies and art board needed to begin. I hope to list the image and maybe the original on etsy in the weeks to come.

I am sure all of you know that the bee is endangered almost everywhere. Here in Arizona I talked with a beekeeper in a town called, "Strawberry", up in the mountains about 2 hours from Sedona. She told me that the bees are down about 40% and declining. My guess is glabal warming and also pesticides. Try not to support those people who grow food and flowers with pesticides. They are bad for the bee and pretty bad for all living things.
I feel with spring approaching we need to be keenly aware of our surroundings and how we interact with mother nature so that she and the bee will be here for all eternity!

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