Friday, July 31, 2009

tax collector~painted pottery

I have been slow on the uptake this summer, not wanting to blog much. I think with the intense heat we have there is a good excuse. I found this in an album and will be listing it on my ebay site but loved it so much I decided to post it here. Although it is not tax time for everyone, for some of us that pay quarterly, such as myself, it is tax time 4 times a year and one cherry on the icing in April. I loved this image so much and decided to do a gradient background. This was fun, selecting it with the magnetic tool and then running a high pass on the image. These young women were "out on a lark", as they used to say, running around town with their new Kodak, and taking photos wherever they please. This is a good one!
So today is the last day of July!phew! and I thought the summer would last forever, didn't you?
I for one had an enjoyable June and July and look forward to one more warm month. I just wish I didn't have to go to the dentist today!
I spent a couple days at a little barn/store and painted pottery this summer, for fun and for gifts. I highly recommend doing so with someone you love or by yourself. It was relaxing and rewarding as when the bowls I painted were fired it was so great to pick them up, wrap them and see the faces of those who received something"made by hand". I will return to our little local painting pottery place. Look for one in your neighborhood. You won't be sorry.

Monday, July 27, 2009

James Bond~ Ian Fleming~MI5 BBC Series

Ian Fleming  (1908-1964)
Ian Fleming
Last night after a long day all I could think of was watching a film. I had rented a few and all seemed to serious or stupid and I went through my list of films I had taped on the dvr and Casino Royale was there. I watched it for what seemed like 3 hours. It was so well done, the music, the direction, the costumes. I have always had a fascination with James Bond and British spy movies. I cannot say why as I am not a fan of violence in film but really there is something I absolutely love about the James Bond films. I guess its the traveling to foreign lands, the beautiful scenery, the intrigue and adventure and the incredible stunts. Casino Royale didn't disappoint in that department.
I got online and read a bit about Ian Fleming and this is what I found about the author of these spy novels,
Ian Lancaster Fleming was an English author and journalist. Fleming is best remembered for creating the character of James Bond and chronicling his adventures in twelve novels and nine short stories. Additionally, Fleming wrote the children’s story Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and two non-fiction books.

link to youtube casino Royale from 1967

link to Youtube From Russia with Love

I cannot seem to get enough British spy adventure. I have watched nearly all the BBC series MI5 which has been showing this summer on PBS. If you have not seen it I highly recommend it as the acting and suspense are superb, the characters are very well defined and the plots are fascinating.

I guess summer is the time for frivolous viewing and for that I cannot say enough about any of the choices above although a big screen helps with James Bond.
Enjoy and if you come across any good spy movies, drop me a line and let me know.

check out this article on the BBC website about MI5 agents.

And here is the Wikipedia article on the show I spoke of above, in Canada it was called Spooks, seen in almost every country this series has been nominated for Best Drama Series BAFTA award and many others. If you want the lowdown on the show you can get it here.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Rita's Blog revisited~come take a look!

Please take a dogsled over and check out my daughter Rita's new blog start up. She was just waiting for the right time to revisit it and I am so glad she did.
Click here to go visit Amalgamalia-her blog
and click the illustration above to go to her Animalgam store to see her newest illustrations. I am so happy she has taken time out of her cross country running and listing in her vintage store to go back to her best true love, ART! I am a very proud mom of both my girls and soon I will be posting about my other daughter and her adventures with her latest big new business she has launched. For now its a secret but its going to be big!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Seattle Trip~ Mom's 80th Birthday

Well we made it back in one piece after much traveling~our trip from Flagstaff to Seattle had us landing and taking off 8 times to get there! But on arrival sister Jenny so kind to pick us up and drop us at the hotel which I must say was an A+ experience! The Marriott on the water with spectacular views and incredible service! Then traveling over the bridge with Sharon to the party the following day and met by Jenny coming up from her kitchen on level one of her and Jeff's beautiful home in West Seattle. Lots of children and teens and adults to make the family gathering to celebrate Mom's 80th birthday just as pleasant as it could be. My sister and her family were fabulous to have it at their home and Jenny's food did not disappoint. The following day we met up again at her home for more visiting and again she supplied us lunch! There were outings to the antique and thrift stores and shopping around Seattle. Lots of walking..and did I say walking? to work up an appetite for the wonderful seafood that we had at every place we ate. Lots of photos taken and here are a few. I had the best time as I am sure Rita did as well and we were very happy to come home and pick up Blue at the kennel where the lady almost refused her tip saying he was such a wonderful guest with his smiling that the ladies fell in love with him.
Seattle in summer.. I cannot think of another place that would have been nicer. If you have never been there make the trip. Lots of tourists and locals and really a clean and beautiful city.
Several points to see~ the original Starbucks which we visited each morning~La Paloma restaurant in Pioneer square, middle eastern food rustic restaurant run by 2 Thai to follow at a later date~ Cutters for their seafood salmon chowder~on and on. I can tell we will go back to see more of the woods but the city proved wonderful. We were lucky enough to be at the grand opening of Seattle's Literail and the mural was across from the tracks as we stood with all the excited folks who would be the first to ride the literail from one side of the city to the other, what a great experience. It was 3 decades in the making and probably millions and millions of dollars. The artwork at every stop was beyond incredible! We tried but never made it to the museum's Andrew Wyeth exhibit. Next time. As we climbed the steps at the pioneer station to catch the lite rail back the waves of cheers from the stadium roared through our bodies like an electrical charge sending chills all over my body. Throngs of fans of the Seattle soccer team, the Sounders were there to cheer on their team against Chelsea. The stadium made me nervous just to look at the seats going hundreds of feet into the air. So there was much good cheer with family and wonderful sites to take in on our trip to Seattle. Five days was not enough.
Here it is Friday again and a week ago we were in transit to Seattle. Time flies so enjoy it while its available. Take a trip to Seattle, you will not regret it!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

French Girl w Magazine

My computer hard drive was recovered and all files still intact. I truly love those guys at MAc Clinic. They saved me from losing all that work for 5 years. I am so happy that I can be back on Etsy and also to have those photographs back! hooray... I went out and got a lottery ticket for tonite and its a quick pick and the first two numbers were 7 15, does that mean anything as that is today's date? I will let you know tomorrow.

This is from a photograph from a glass negative that my friend in France sent me a few weeks ago. I just loved the composition of the girl sitting on a table reading her magazine with the window light coming in. Of course the challenge was in the color as this was a black and white and I had to invent the color. I am old hat there as I have been adding color over black and white photographs for years and this proved to be a challenge but not one I couldn't overcome. So here she is.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cherry Scones~Day after the Crash

Yes these are the same scones I made today. Why because I had to do something creative and fun to appease myself as yesterday was such a difficult day to get through. MY trusty hard drive stopped working, refused to show up at all and after hours at the MAc Clinic the verdict didn't look good. All of my 5 years worth of work was lost melted into oblivion and no way to recover it unless I fork over $1500 which it could even be more. This was me being stupid as all the scanned glass negatives and hand tinting had not been backed up onto anything and I was forced to shut down my etsy store.

Yes its a sad day indeed. I have to carry on and keep calm, you know the old saying.
I still have hope that the info can be recovered. Honestly the amount of hours of work on that hard drive is not even estimateable if that is a word.

So yes those scones were great but really they didn't make it that much easier to handle.
I do look forward to vacation for 5 days on Fri to visit my mom and dad in Seattle with all the girls and children. Sara won't be there which is sad but there will be plenty of kids to love and lots of good ole Clancy chatter!

So keep all your fingers and toes crossed that I will get my hard drive info back. Sadly I came home to an order of 2 photos when I came back from the MAc Clinic. I had to cry, the images are on that drive alone.

Oh well things could be worse. I still have my G5 and it works somewhat slower but that is fine.
Have a great Monday!

Friday, July 10, 2009


Oh what a life. SLeeping on one foot. Fragile and beautiful these lovely and unusual birds of the tropics are at peace as long as there is room for small foot to stay put. Why they don't fall over, probably the math of the angle of their foot balanced under their feathers. Whatever the reason we love to look at them and they don't seem that bothered by humans.
Another photo from Hawaii. I guess I am in the mood to be near the beach. I just dropped the car off for its yearly, tune up and new tires and walked the dog in 95 degree heat looking for any and all shade while we walk. Yes, I am thinking of the ocean and how blue and cool it looks to anyone who is hot. I have finished my LOST addiction by watching the final episodes from last season and now will have to wait with everyone else to see what happens to those who dare to go back to the island.

I lived in Oahu in 1980 and worked in the downtown area on a cruise ship and also at a photo store and costume store on hotel street. Three jobs, one year. My oldest Sara went to school at the Kaimuki elementary school around the corner. We had geckos on the wall and no TV so we listened to old tv shows on tape from the library and every fri nite drove to the University in Manoa to see a classic film in the air conditioned theater for $2. Saturdays we went to Pattis Kitchen in the Mauna L0a mall for a cafeteria style all you could eat chinese food. Yummy food. Then most days after work we went to the beach and sat by the water.
Life was good but a bit boring and I longed to be nearer my family. I will always remember the time spent there and also my vacation to big Island 6 years ago. I have my wonderful memories and also some pretty cool photos!
Enjoy Friday and the weekend. Shop Etsyprojectembrace to help support donations to cancer foundation in Laura Slocum's name. She is an amazing woman and a great artist and ferociously brave person with ovarian cancer. She has taught me alot about what is truly important in life and we have never met. But really it doesn't matter. I still care alot about her and hope and pray she will recover soon!
Look for the tag Etsyprojectembrace on items on Etsy and you will be taken to listings that are donating to cancer foundation!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Behind the Door~Polynesian artistry~Wimbeldon ends

Once again I keep coming back to my Hawaiin images. I think because its so hot in Sedona that I feel often I am living in a foreign country that is hot all the time. Of course minus the moisture which is required to make you sweat such as in Malasia or Thailand.
This is a beautiful carved door from probably the late 1600s and not sure where but knowing only that it is Asian in design. As it is morning and our birds are singing I imagine that these roosters greeted the new day in this far away country and time that this was created by some loving hands of an artisan probably for a wealthy family who really wanted to make a first impression.
The doorway at the front of a home is often the first thing one sees before entering the home and it may have been auspicious to have roosters adorn that which would open up to a wonderful palace or wealthy estate.
The red and blue flowers are faded but still the amazing work of the carver has come through and loving all things old this has acquired a certain charm of its own by way of age. As we all know things get better w age, wine, women and architecture!
I am readying myself to brave the early morning walk and got up early to catch an Etsy treasury only to miss it by 7 minutes.. oh well.
Last night I watched with Rita, the men's Wimbledon final. I have to say although Federer won, it was a match won by Andy Roddick. The longest 5th set in the history of Wimbledon, Andy was on serve through 15 games. Unheard of. It was a wearing down of Andy as Federer was going for a record to beat Pete Sampras' title of having won 7 grand slam titles. Now Federer can have his baby w his wife in a few months and also claim title as the greatest tennis player ever to have lived.
I am always for the underdog and believe that Andy Roddick's time will come.
I also enjoyed French open when Robin Soederling the swede beat Nadal but didn't win the title.
I guess the Swiss just have good coaches. The best part of the whole 4.5 hours of the match was listening to John MacEnroe narrate. He is the best and to me still the best tennis player ever to watch and compete although his nemesis Bjorn Borg attended along w Pete Sampras and Ron Laver who now is a very old man. Time flies even in the world of tennis. Now the us open is coming and I will love that as well.
Summer is good for lots of things, but I have to say... good tennis is definitely one of my favorite things! I played all through college and until I slipped a disc in my neck I was a good player.
Well, must face the sunshine.. oh how terrible, it could be worse. Sunshine is not so bad. In fact its good.. keeps us cheerful I think!
have a great day! and play some tennis, its fun!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Indonesian Flying Horse

This image was taken in Hawaii at the Hilton hotel where there is one of the finest collections of polynesian art anywhere. This horse is life sized and carved of several pieces of wood. I encourage anyone going to the big island to reserve at least several hours to enjoy all the wonderful sights inside this hotel. The Hiltons really put some time and money into this collection and I promise you will not be sorry. I almost want to say its worth the trip but there are other things on that island as well and this collection is one not to be missed. They have also a modern gallery there which displays current artwork for sale from around the world.
A little piece of art paradise..
Happy the fourth is over, and now we can go into the remainder of summer and our predicted 98 degrees for 2 weeks forward will keep me indoors and walking blue early. ok so must go do that as my thermometer reads 89 now.

Friday, July 3, 2009

adele shaw ~dancing to her own beat

This is a photo of a young woman named Adele Shaw. She is doing a rather primal spring dance with a lute in hand. This is one of 2 images taken of her in the 1920 at the edge of Chapin Lake in Michigan. Why she dressed up and did this dance and had her photo taken we will never know. All we know is that she did it and did it her bare feet dancing to her own beat. I love the idea of "marching to your own beat" I think I have always done so and often with many consequences that were dreadful but yet still I continued. I rarely would want or be able to"follow the crowd" and did as I pleased. I honestly have never been one for public dancing or even much for dancing although as a young child I remember my mother taking me to the ballet downtown and how much of an impression it made on me. Forever I would aspire to lofty ideals and felt that I was in a secret club that had seen a special thing that was reserved for only the wealthiest or most educated of people. This carried forward after attending catholic schools where, although I bucked the system and was always being opositional to rules, I retained the best that the education could offer which included the luxury of studying art history in the 9th grade, something I would take again in college and because I had that earlier education it came back readily as if it had been stored in a closet in my brain.
So here I would say give kids plenty of experiences to things outside their neighborhood, like downtown ballet and symphonies and book readings and movies that are a little avant garde in nature. You may be gifting them an opportunity to have an impression that could change their life.

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