Sunday, March 15, 2009

Flapper Gal Goes Cowgirl w Pistol holds up Farmer John

Somehow I cannot get away from the cowgirl and western theme. This is an image from one of 2 albums I recently acquired and am thrilled to find so many wonderful images in them both. I will try to share some now and again and if interested in them they are for sale in my ebay store.. just write and ask or click for clancy's classics on ebay. I will probably write less and less on the blog as the weather gets better as I am so motivated to do art now.. I worked on the encaustic last night for hours and then watched SEan Penn in Milk. I had some squimishness with the men kissing scenes but once past that the story, acting, directing, some of the best I have ever seen and I even cried at one point simply from the expression on Sean Penn's face. Now that is an actor that can really put you into his space.. the guy is amazing and I always thought so but now... no one deserved that award more in my book and as I was in SF in the 70s for a few times I loved the scenes that brought you back to that moment.
So the encaustic is coming along, I performed surgery on it this morning but won't go to into that so as not to cloud your opinion when I finally finish the piece and post it here first.. before I do on Etsy so as to give my viewers on the blog first view...
Rita came back from her track meet in Phoenix with 4 gold medals which made her feel good after last weeks slip and drop of the baton in the 4by 1 and other issues with her injured legs.
Spring has sprung today and I must must get outside!! The weather was so delightful yesterday and I just soaked it in as much as I could!! So for those suffering in cold.. it soon will pass and for those in the heat.. enjoy it before its broiling!

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