Monday, March 23, 2009

bright red ranuncula

Ok so today is the 3rd day of spring. I am getting into that fact really easy. I got up at 5:30 am as usual now that school is back in session and had my coffee, checked my emails, even went to facebook and posted a few photos and read some lines from friends. I spent some time this weekend cleaning up some old photos of my families and will try to post them this afternoon...relatives long passed on and even an amazing sunset I took the other day with a story to go with it.
For now enjoy this beautiful flower from my back yard pot... I give it to you as a monday morning eye popping wake up. HAve a wonderful day and may it be filled with light and love... that is all for now, send me a line if you like as a post at the bottom of this photo by clicking on the post. The birdies are singing.. they are happy I feed them and give water to them.. it keeps them coming back. Their song reminds me nature is hard to stop even in the face of pollution and global warming.
I reccommend seeing "Doubt" excellent film with top notch acting by Meryl STreep... she is the queen at present and I "doubt" anyone could top that performance.. even twice in the movie I said to Rita"her acting is so incredible.. I love it! that is weird I know but I was so moved as I am often in a good film.. to comment.. heh at least I whispered and the lady behind me was not so subtle with her sweet stinky perfume that made me so ill I had to move up a seat and leave my daughter behind me.. please if you wear perfume... don't wear it to the movies.. I will take loud crunching over perfume any day! GO see the film and let me know what you think.. it is excellent!
happy monday~~

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david said...

Is this an "altered photo" or a watercolor? Whatever it is, its beautiful and a work of art. Thank you for sharing it.

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