Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wild Irish Roses- Encaustic Beeswax Painting Collage

this is the close up to see details-orig size below

If you click on either of these image it will bring you to a closer view to see the details of the painting which I think is worth it as I just tried it out....

Ok Here it is as promised. I know there are a few more details I am missing on this but I bare my soul by putting this up as its the first encaustic I have done in probably 6 years. I actually had the idea exactly what I wanted to do but how to go about it was the challenge. I wanted to use my own photos to make a collage and I did. This is a pieced piece using a photo that was printed out originally on watercolor paper, painted with watercolors and then scanned in and printed out again on fabric and then adhered to the layered wax and then painted over again with wax. I think if I could sum up my goal in life it is to take photographs to their highest remodeling. I really do not like to copy anyone and am always striving to create something completely unique. So there you have it, nothing green but something Irish only in that these are actually not Irish roses but rather English ones but don't tell any of my Irish relatives as it might set off a argument of some type. Of course I am kidding.
I will make corned beef today but no photos I promise, and cabbage and potatoes. I only cook it once a year for fun and eat very little as its so rich. I already have another project started, something completely different from this. By the way this is 14"X11" and has many layers of beeswax. I will be posting this tomorrow on Etsy so you all get first peek at it. Have a wonderful day today. I have green eyes so always got away with not wearing green but might do so today.
It is shaping up to about 70 degrees here and I will be back with more vintaage photos tomorrow. Top o the morning to ya and the rest o the day t meself!


Sisante said...

Marianne, this is one of the most beautiful things you've done--- as soon as I saw it I had to sigh -- it took my breath away---- and I read the piece about Sara--- that was beautiful also--- I love you and all your art work--- you are so talented.
god bless you,
Auntie E

UrbanJunkies/zuppaartista said...

beautiful! the detail is spectacular!

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