Saturday, March 21, 2009

Horseshow Entrance to Ranch Bakersfield CA @1900

Its Saturday and it looks like I have been pretty busy to not have anything written for so many days. that is a good thing! That means I am spending less time on the computer and more time outdoors watching the birds and bees and all the blossoms on the trees.
I also have been doing things with Rita, shopping for things we need here and in Flagstaff and today even went out for Thai food at my fave spot in Sedona, Thai place in Village of Oak Creek, if you like Thai and are in this area that restaurant is not to be missed.
SO here I go again gravitating back to the Western theme, I told you I cannot get away from it, it calls to me, haunts me.. I know I was a cowgirl in a past life.
This is from the Bakersfield area and I wish I knew where, could find nothing online after searching quite a bit but then I don't think it would still be there, but you never know.
I love the creative and folk art look to this image and just know it should be reprinted and toned or something as the detail is so nice you can see all the way down the long Calif driveway to the dog who is going to say good by to the rancher as he leaves the ranch.
I think because I grew up on Rawhide and other western films that it has always held a fascination for me and here I am , in the west.. the big puffy clouds and the dry dusty roads.
Today was a perfect spring day, I did some light flower planting and the birds sang to keep me company. I washed and dried outside, all my wonderful rag crocheted rugs my mom made me, she will never know how much I love those and care for them, they do not last forever though and one is falling apart but I keep mending it.
So here comes spring and she is lovely to witness. I hope the rest of the weekend is just this nice for everyone as it is here, 70 degrees and balmy.

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UrbanJunkies/zuppaartista said...

awesome photo!
we had thai at our fav spot yesterday too! how cool! :D

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