Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cirque-Encaustic Beeswax Painting

This is an encaustic beeswax painting. I have had it on my bedroom wall for almost 5 years here in Sedona. I think it is my favorite or one of my favorites of my encaustic series I did about 6 years ago. I decided to get the tools and taught myself over a period of 8 months working every single day on the different subjects. I did research and found that many artists were doing encaustic in a abstract theme and decided that was not for me being a realistic leaning artist.
The first time I saw an encaustic painting was when I went on one of many trips to San Jose del Cabo. There is a wonderful gallery on a side street there and a great woman who runs it.. the work comes primarily from LA where she collects art and brings it back for her gallery. there was an artist there who was doing encaustic paintings of little girl's dresses and it had such a fabulous texture and look to it.
It is not the easiest medium to work with but as I love a challenge in art I attacked it head on and continued to work with it relentlessly until I was satisfied. I will post these encaustics here now and again if anyone is interested in seeing them. I put up a few on Etsy but there wasn't much of an interest as they are expensive due to the product and time involved. I have had all of mine in air tight containers in my boiling hot garage for years and not once have they melted at all. They are considered the medium with the best longevity rate as the Egyptians used this method to paint on the gauze faces of their mummies.
There are many artists who work in this medium but very few who do realism so I think I enjoy that aspect of my beeswax journey. I am currently working on a new one but have not had the time to really devote to it.
Please let me know if you would like to see more wax paintings and I will post them, otherwise I am back to photo info and work... I can never get enough of that!
HAve a wonderful Thursday! Enjoy that spring is around almost every corner!!


On a Whimsey said...

Cute painting! I must admit I love encaustics, they are very addictive! I admire you setting your mind to learning the skills in the way you did. I, too, am self taught!

Sandra said...

A really fun painting. I love it. Great colors too!

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