Monday, March 2, 2009

Girl Reading Book Lying Down 1906- Poem day!

I have left this image untouched although it is flawed. I am interested in the subject of reading and writing as we must always encourage our children and ourselves to never let the computer take the time we would spend on a good book or letter or newspaper. I am thinking that we should try to write at least one thing a week and read a good book 2-5 times a week. I probably fall into the 2 times a week catagory, reading only when I have to wait in an office or somewhere that is quiet. I wish I could stop working long enough to read but alas today is Monday and that is a catch up day for me.

I was at a wonderful basketball garden party last night where one of the fathers bbq'd for 3 straight hours and 5 different coaches talked about the fun and of the sport with the high school kids they had this past season. My daughter recieved the 1st annual"Ace" award for all around excellence in every aspect of the sport. She is pretty amazing and this morning her grades came through on the email as 4 A+s. This would make any mom happy. Today is also her first track meet away and her spikes are due to arrive in the mail today so she can rush home to get them before the bus leaves. Ah.. on to track..good bye basketball.
I think since I moved to Sedona I had many worries about fitting into a crowd that had mostly all known each other since they were born... I am not kidding on this one. Well the children anyway. But as it turns out, there are some pretty amazing folks in this town who really care about their kids and their community. The people who had the dinner had a lit court and after a wonderful meal the kids and coaches went out to play a game.. one last one for the year.. Bittersweet for the seniors who won't return next year but on to bigger and better things.

Have a wonderful Monday and please send in more poems.. here is one my Aunt Patty sent in... I can just picture her heading to her car on a cold Michigan evening after work.. ..what an amazing writer and poet she is!

Slush and salt,Icy foot falls
Block the path thus far.
Night has fallen, dangers lurk.
I didn't know it was so far.
Two more yards, one more step,
At last I've reached the car.
I raise my eyes to thank the fates
For guiding me thus far.
A brilliant moon, a blinding star
Reveal to me it's not MY car!


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