Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ava and Miranda Cabo Pulmo

Here are 2 of my 4 grandkids on the beach in Cabo Pulmo Mexico, ahhhh don't you wish you were there, it looks so warm and inviting.. I stayed at this beach once before when the oldest of these two was a small 8 mnth old baby and we had so much fun. Rita found a coin from a Spanish shipwreck it was from the 1600's it took us a whole day to do a rubbing w pencil on paper to figure out what year it was. We ate fish tacos at a little stand behind where the girls are and at night we played games and watched videos. It was such a nice little beach and small but great community of people. Very isolated but yet all you need. I miss them so much but got my tickets to go see them so it won't be long before I get to give them both a hug. Tristan and Ellen are not in the photo but they are down there too! have fun and big hug from grandma!!

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sheila at shecological said...

OMG! what dolly dolls and the beach looks so inviting!
wish we were there! miss you and Happy Birthday to Sara!! love Sheila

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