Monday, March 30, 2009

The Clancy FAmily cottage in Ireland

I guess I am missing having a home living in Sedona in a condo. This is the longest I have lived in a condo, although a pretty nice spacious one, ever.
I have always had a house but being a person who hates moving I decided that one more year here will not kill me and in fact its safe and comfortable. But.. it makes me think of a home and here we have a home built before the turn of the century in county Clare Ireland and where my dad's father Patrick, better known as Paddy was born along with 7 (or 8), other children.
The cottage or house has been painted since then, but it is, I believe, a bed and breakfast that sits over the sea only a short distance from a cliff's edge there. It was a dairy back when and I think the family was never too poor. I blew this photo up years ago(the original is in sorry shape) and hand painted the photo, its somewhere, just don't know exactly. I think I like this version because it seems nicer to scan the original, which I did, rather than to take a copy w a camera.. that is what I did in the 70s. The clarity is much nicer.. gee somethings are certainly better for photographers now, like the scanner. I don't know where I would be without it.

Many of my family have been back to Ireland and seen the house and met with relatives which we still have there. I will get my turn some day if lucky enough. The funny thing, I named my youngest daughter Rita because its a short name and I felt it was always a little harder to have a long name so as always trying to make life simpler, gave her the name Rita Clare. The first name being short for Marguerite which was my mom's mother's name and Clare of course, the county my grandfather was from. Little did I know that although she died at a young age, a girl was born into that Irish cottage named Rita Clancy. This I didn't know until recently and so I actually had a great aunt for a short time named Rita. This made her name a little more special.

Most kids are not much into history or tradition anymore. They want the latest ipod and the newest gadget. I hope someday Rita will find a reason to go to Ireland and see the cottage as well. Maybe we will go together, that might be nice.

Well, its Monday again, the start of a new week and an almost new month. Spring is here for most of the country and world. Enjoy it. This season can never be long enough for me as it is the precursor to the hot summer of the desert which generally I cannot wait to be over as my only time to be outdoors is before sunrise!


Julie Magers Soulen said...

I love hearing your "stories" and think you have a gift. Fantastic old photo. I have one of my great great grandparents in front of the family homestead. I love family history too!

ArtoftheMoment said...

Love the old pictures. Especially of Ireland! I think its great for kids to know their history! :)

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