Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Red Ranuncula Photo collage with Vintage Lace

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Again.. I had an idea and had to follow through with it. I had tea dyed this piece of peach colored cloth and really had kept meaning to do something with it but couldn't bring myself to cut it. Then while going through my photos of the ranunculas I took in the garden yesterday I decided to do a collage with the flower and the fabric with the lace doily in between it. Thus is born a collage of all 3 items that are near and dear to me. I love the color of the flower, of course it has been seriously altered and sandwiched with the doily and tea dyed cloth. That is the beauty of art that you can take all these elements which by themselves are lovely but to combine them into something so nice is such a joy! After working all morning on other things like shipping and listing on ebay this is my reward.. a little R and R to end the afternoon!
I want to recommend a radio station that I discovered, its online and free and also on Itunes. Its called cinemax. Its not for everyone but once in awhile they play some interesting film scores and you can request a song and it shows up immediately. I love Hitchock film scores and 007 film scores and Phillip Glass film scores so I am content to tune into this channel when I need some nice background music. I guess its a sign of getting old when loud music just isn't good to work to but for me it definitely has to be in the background to tolerate it. Here is the webpage. You can open it by clicking on any of the little icons at the top, I use realplayer.. works perfect, then if you have the site open you can see what is being played and to do a request click on the jukebox and there is a button by the items to request.
here is the cinemax.

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La Pomme said...

Hi! Dropping by from the flickr comment you left a while back. That was a fun read :) Will bookmark your blog and come back over the weekend to read up. A bientot!

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