Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This is not for display~Do my pants fit?

I have always loved writing on photos and artwork. That is probably why I love comics ,(I used to when I was little), and have a passion for folk art and hobo art and outsider art. There is something so immediate and final about writing on photos and art. You must listen to the writer when making your opinion about the image or art. You can connect in a real vs a surreal way to the author of the words. They might be kidding but they still wrote it and felt it at the time. This photo is one of those rare ones that has been written on by the person in the image. Julie.. she even signs her name as though she is authoring the image and I also love her pulling on the hound's ear as anyone who owns a dog that is part hound or full hound knows how velvety soft the ears are and how you cannot help but pull on them gently... as I do with Blue all the time!
Enjoy your day.. and if you ever come across anything like this let me know as I love old things or art with writing on them and would love to see them and maybe share them here on the blog.

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m. campbell-zurek-Urban Junkies Photography said...

i love finding old photos with writing on them too! we have a bunch from my hubby's grandfather & it's so cool to see what he was thinking.
thanks for sharing!

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