Friday, February 20, 2009

Mother and her 3 Girls and Teddy Bear & Richard AVedon link

This is an image I cleaned and am listing in my store which came from a glass negative. I love the details and the depth in this one as the photographer took it in a small alley between whitewashed buildings somewhere back east. The mother is almost kneeling and her middle daughter squating like mom and rests arm on a knee and the other behind her relaxed and direct connection to the camera. The older daughter stands behind the mom and is also very attentive. I really love almost every detail in this one. They are spotlessly dressed and manicured and to put them in the dirt between the houses was a clever and wonderful idea.

I think this image is about looking, see the different aspects of the whole. That is what photography can be about ..looking, seeing and then seeing something different the next time.
I was at my daughter's parent teacher meeting and had a chance to talk to the photo teacher their who is from Australia. I told her what I was up to and also that I was shamelessly"addicted" to photography and every aspect of it. She said"that is perfect" what did I expect from a photography teacher. I think once you decide that you have that addiction there is nothing to do but give into your desires and wants. It is calorie free but if like me it is not $ free but the wonderful news is that the value of negatives and paper photos just continues to climb.

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Richard Avedon
Speaking of wonderful photographers
I am going to include here a link to one of my all time favorite photographers and that is Richard Avedon. Many know him from his work with Vogue but he also photographed Political and famous people. Check out this link to see some of his other beauties!
Here is a link tothe Microgallery when you move your cursor over the mini photo at bottom info about the person in the photo will show up in yellow, be sure and read who these photos are of.. important to the image!

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