Monday, February 2, 2009

Dreamy Monday

Here it is Monday again. Like a holiday we are happy to see it come and go, I for one am glad that the superbowl is over. I have never seen a football game on tv or in person and although I am a very serious sports fan for tennis(did you see Nadal win Federer last night in the Australia Open?.. some of the best tennis I have ever seen in my life), and also basketball(only if it the Suns here in Phoenix!), I have never been interested in wrestling, boxing or football. They seem to be "heathen", sports and ones that people get hurt in so that leaves me out. ALso I just cannot stand the slow pace of football. I guess that is part of the love of it...anyway.. glad its over.
The image I listed above is from a series I did with a woman named Valerie in early 80s. I met her in an art history class and decided with her natural platinum hair she would make a good model to work with doing portraits. I always opted for natural light outdoors or in windows as I hated using or carting around lights. So we set this one up under a tree in her yard and she laid on her black coat and I sprinkled pom pom petals all over her. I printed this large and colored in each petal by hand.. This is one of my all time favorite images and was taken with a wonderful Nikon camera and remains in my home still. I did sell about 10 copies of this and did each one printed in darkroom and tinted by hand. that is what is missing now in photography.. everything is done in computer and somehow the charm of the thick mat paper and the smell of the scent of those rotten eggs from the sepia tones are no longer present unless you still work in your own darkroom.. I would say if you have the chance, buy a few actual printed photos for your collection, they will be valuable. I know this is true as I sell photos on ebay for a living and because they are no longer being printed one by one in darkroom the value of those that have will continue to go up. Click on the title to go to my store and then use the magnifier to enlarge this image as it really is so nice.
Enjoy Monday.. February has just begun and with that both black history month and valentines day approaching. Tell someone you love them today.. see what happens!

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Sandra said...

Hi Marianne, I am so glad you feel the same way I do about football. I went to an high school that only allowed flag football and that was bad enough. Monday is a happy/sad day isn't it? love all your posts. Sandra

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