Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lipstick Woman a tribute to Diane Arbus and my first photo teacher

Ok so this isn't my average photo posting.. I never said I was predictable. I also really love a photographer named Diane Arbus and remembering back to my first day of college photography class my teacher who's name is John Baugess from Oregon didn't even say hello to the students. the room was dark when we went in and sat at our desks. There was a quiet whispering amongst the students and when they stopped the slide projector came on and we were treated to a show of Diane Arbus' photos getting about 3 minutes on each one.. I and the other students were fascinated by her incredible ability to get these unusual people to pose for the most unbelievable photos on the planet. Photos of people who really existed but were for the most part hidden away from the public eye for many reasons. She photographed misfits of society, tatooed women, midgets, freaks from the circus and also unusual couples from New York that lived in hotel rooms. Her images are still able to move me to this day. Google her name and see her photos. Whenever I come across an image that reminds me of her I cannot help but remember that first eye opening day of photography class and her startling and thought provoking images.. I still wish I had the courage to do what she has done. Classic portraiture with unusal but very real human beings.


Jo Bradford said...

A great story and a very startling image Diane!! I am just teaching some of my students about Arbus and I love the reactions her work gets from teenagers today! Hope alls well with you on your side of the pond. x

joaniec said...

Marianne, Loved your pictures and your blog. I wish I could help you by giving you some of my many hours. I love that little boy you hand-colored and the beautiful blonde lady as well. Keep on "keepin on" joaniec.

Golly Bard said...

I am such a fan of Diane Arbus! I had the opportunity to see a marvelous exhibition of her work at the Met in New York a couple of years ago. I too was introduced to Diane's world when I was in art school. Such a turning point for me.

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