Sunday, February 22, 2009

HDR High Dynamic Range Photography and.........Marianne Clancy's oil Painted and Watercolor photography site from the 1990s

Every once in awhile you stumble upon something that is really exciting!
I have always loved polaroid transfers and did an entire series on the manipulated polaroid transfers. I have a box of them somewhere. I found this artist online and his images are incredible. They fall between art and photography which is where I always feel I am existing anyway in my work and at one time felt really alone with that.. but no matter now days lots and lots of folks are doing alternative process and artistic manipulation of photos.
This one is the one I am most interested in as it really leaves the viewer asking"how in heck did he do that"
I am so excited I want to try it out and plan to do it today... you will see my results tomorrow.
I hope he doesn't mind I copied a section of text from his site and you can read below his description. The Pier
by Lawrence Wittemore
HDR (High Dynamic Range)
The style of photography I do is refered to as HDR or High Dynamic Range photography.HDR is a process that involves taking multiple photographs (without moving the camera) at different exposures and then using software (i.e photoshop, photomatix, FDRtools...) to merge the different exposure together to form one image that has a larger than normal range of contrast. Standard computer monitors cannot display the rage of contrast that an HDR image has so

Strangely enough I found him with a google search for"painted photography" which is what I called my work for about 10 years including my website which I don't maintain anymore but here is his link Painted Photography
his other work is pretty amazing as well.

Here is a link to my old painted photo site
if you dare. This is really old, maybe 15 yrs old
The work still remains my first and original black and white photos that I shot, developed the negs and printed in the darkroom onto fine art black and white photo paper then painted over with oils.
Here is a sample of one I sold about 4 different versions of in late 90s. Fresias and Calla Lillies.
click here to see the old and first ever website I had way back when
Marianne Clancy's Oil Painted and Watercolored Photography

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