Thursday, February 26, 2009

Little Helen a Fashionable Child on a South Dakota Farm

Here is Helen. She is dressed in a poodle fur trimmed hat and coat. she carries a little purse and has the nicest short two toned button up boots. She is ready to travel from her home in Illinois where she was born to go and live in South dakota on a farm. This is her farewell photo to her original home before she moves to the rural dakota area. She will trade in her finery for a pair of bib overalls and bare feet and have a dog and a doll and the whole world before her on the farm.
This is a true story of a little girl with last name of Mentz. Her mother braved the trip and with her sister moved to the middle of nowhere from Peoria.
What an adventure that must have been for a little girl in the early part of this century. What a tried and true trooper her mother must have been.
There is something really special in this little girl's eyes and I can't help but notice it.

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