Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hello its Tuesday...not Monday! or oh..my aching back..not really!

Ok this is pretty simple... I woke up and was sure it was Monday. Have you ever done that where you lose a day and wonder where it went.

I am thrilled to announce that my daughter Rita has started her first blog. This is a milestone as with all her projects she dove head in. There are still a few kinks for her to work out as she has no experience with this but found that people were asking her to do a blog as she had several followers of her artwork from Etsy and now she is having a great time putting up artists and showing her work. It think it will fall into place as she goes. Please do stop by and see her blog with a link at the top right corner, its called Amalgamalia.. I think I spelled that right.. if you can pronounce it that is the first step. I was inspired by her love of letters and things in a series. This is a passion she has had ever since the first attempt to line up pillows and then canned goods when she was four. Her math skills are off the charts and she has always loved to collect things. Now she is doing series, animals and also her latest a protozoan alphabet. See her blog here, amalgamalia.

The photo above is one I found last night and decided to put some text behind it. It is a letter from 1827. I just thought it would make a nice border and I loved the image. So hope this week is a good one for all and hopefully the predicted storms will be soon past.. that includes the emotional ones for anyone who is in a storm area or place of mind.

Check out the balls of light that were front page on Yahoo. What the heck? Any answers to that mystery.. send them over my way, and until then, have a wonderful day!

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