Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Abraham Lincoln!!

Happy Birthday Abraham Lincoln!-ok I had to tint this one... I think it looks better than the old black and white although nothing wrong with that either!

Today is a great day to be proud to be an American as we can celebrate the birthday of Abraham Lincoln. A car named after him a penny.. how cheap of America? Shouldn't he have his face on the $100 instead of Ben Franklin? Oh well.. it is fitting on the penny because although that is the smallest denomination of coin in America, it has probably been in everyone's hand at one time and he was the man of the little people and the champion of the end to slavery.
I am guessing all the biographies will fly off the shelf at Barnes and Noble today.
I am making a doll of him and this is what is going on the back of the doll.. so fitting and so prophetic from him, his last entry into his diary.. amazing clairvoyance! Happy Birthday Abe!!!

"Dear diary:

When I woke up today I felt happy about winning the war. I also had this feeling like something bad might happen. I didn't have this feeling yesterday or the day before that. I'm just happy the war is over, I just feel reliefed from all this stress and depression. Although I have to admit the South was tough to beat. We had some tough battles like Bull Run those were one the toughest battles out of them all.
I feel like a new man. The Union is celebrating today, putting up the Stripes and Stars at Fort Sumter. I feel bad I will not be there. Today I am going to a play with my wife. I,m going to wear my suit and she is going to wear this beautiful dress. It starts at 10:30, I guess I have to go and get ready for my night."

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Sandra said...

A doll of Honest Abe! Sheer genius! I can't wait to see it. When I read the Diary entry I was swept back in time; Very simple words but SO powerful. Great post and great writing Marianne. Sandra

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