Monday, February 9, 2009

A Rose in Winter is Still a Rose

Hello and Bonjour!
Yes a rose in winter is still a rose. Nothing changes but the elements that surround her. She still passionately wants to keep her bloom and fight off the aging crystals that cling to her stem. The tenacity of this rose is really what strikes me first and then the incredible beauty of it whether in the bright sun or the frozen snow. This image was taken by my friend Jean Claude who probably has the best eye for photos that I have ever seen. Maybe overlooked by many who pass by, he manages to capture the beauty before the petals have fallen and the flower goes dormant.
Another Monday is here again and after weeks of almost 70 degrees each day, walking to the post office in a shirt and short pants, here comes the freezing rain and snow! Yes snow is covering the hillside below our little airport here in Sedona. The sky is grey and the temperature is very cold. Blue didn't move this morning until just moments ago sleeping in longer and longer each day. He is getting a little white around his chin and this April will turn 7 years old. I guess in dog years that is pretty old. He still has alot of spunk and will give a smile for no reason to me, truly man's best friend!
Oh yeah.. tonite is the full moon and a lunar eclipse. Wow! hope we can see it if the rain stops.

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laura slocum said...

These are awesome photos!! We live where there is always school off or a delay, so that is pretty cool for you guys!!!

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