Thursday, January 1, 2009

West Fork PArk Sedona Strawflowers in Snow

For no reason at all I told Rita "we are going on an outing to the West Fork of Oak Creek Canyon". Despite having to pull herself out of bed after being up late the night before on the computer game, she obliged me and we packed the dog into the back and drove about 10 miles out ofa Sedona to a lovely spot.
There is a little park there with a path over the creek into the woods and the ice and snow had not melted all the way yet so we were able to take our new cameras and shoot some really lovely photos. I wish I had had more than tennis shoes with me as it was really slippery. the dog loved it and he looked crazy moving from one thing to the next having the time of his life in a nature's paradise.
I was able to get some really unusual images as there were some very old brick and wooden abandoned buildings there and even a dugout cave. If you are ever in Sedona please check this park out about 10 miles north out of Sedona on the canyon drive to Flagstaff, it is worth the stop and hike of about 20 minutes in each direction a path running along the creek back into a mountainous cave and onward into the mountains in better weather. I know we will return to this spot in better weather and go further next time.
Happy New Year to all and Joyeaux Nouveau Annee to my French friends!!

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