Thursday, January 15, 2009

little girl in blossoms w her doll- my doll story-CONTEST

Doll Toy Book story contest extension- I have decided to wait until Monday to compile all the stories for the blog.. please bear with me and to those who still have not submitted, here is my email to send it to or leave on this blog..

I love this image although she seems very tired in this one.. I think children have never appreciated posing. My oldest was my subject all through college photo classes until I got wise and started to ask friends and even strangers to pose for me. if I get brave I will list some of my early images from long ago photo classes.

I think we all had a favorite doll. Mine was my Madame Alexander that my mom brought to me in the hospital after my tonsils were taken out. I was so weak and when she walked in with that wedding dress doll I knew she would be my favorite. Before her my favorite was when I lived on the farm as a young girl of about 7 I received a Betsy Wetsy which would drink a bottle and then wet her diaper.. what a thrill to see something that was a body function happen with a doll.. I think my brothers took her and buried her outside and we found her years later with one of her eyes missing in a pile of dirt. I was scared of dolls for a long time after that.. being a visual person I could only see the missing eye and it haunted me.

I would love to hear from anyone what their favorite doll or toy was as a child and maybe a short paragraph and if you don't mind me posting it I will list them all on Saturday morning. Lets see what comes up! If you want to include any photos that would be great also.. just send them to me via my email at

****I will mail a beautiful print of my French toys in the attic photo from my friend in France to the winner of the story...***


Sandra said...

My favorite doll was Eloise Wilkin's Baby Dear doll made by the Vogue Doll company. For my 5th birthday 1962 I received the very cute thumbelina baby doll made by Ideal. Although I loved Thumbelina with her sweet painted blue eyes and cupids mouth my heart longed for Vogues Baby Dear. Baby Dear looked very much like Thumbelina but had one distict difference. Baby Dear was soft and floppy. She did talk, move, burp or cry. She was pure and real. Baby dear molded into a 5 year olds arm like no other. Thumbelina had a knob on her back when wound would make her move and wiggle. I was not impressed. I was in near tears at the party as I longed for Baby Dear. I later told my mom of my true 5 years olds heart desire. somehow, magically, Baby Dear appreared safe and at home with me. Baby Dear made me feel like a real mom. I proudly held her for what seemed like hours and hours a day. She went everywhere with me. Today, I still have my Baby Dear. She is completely bald with only a sprig of hair left. She is ripped and torn with her soft cotton stuffing peeking out at various seams. Baby dear proudly sits among my doll collection in a place of honor. Her face, with her squinty painted blue eyes still melts my heart. When I pick her up I magically feel 5 years old again. The classic poem, oh backwards oh backwards oh time in thy flight Make me a child again just for one night, is so fitting as that is how I feel when I look at my dear baby dear. For just a mere moment I feel like a child again.

Sandra said...

correction to the above story. Baby Dear didn't talk, move, or cry. Hope it makes sense now.

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