Saturday, January 24, 2009

Girls Feed Pet Sheep on the Farm tinted Vintage photo

Here is a wonderful print from my vintage photo collection.
This image is one of 2 young girls on the farm, a sun drenched day, bottle feeding a pet sheep. I know that this sheep remained the older girl's pet as there were many other images of the sheep as it grew older on the farm, eating grapes from the arbor on the porch, standing upright and the mother hand feeding the sheep the grapes and others of a baby riding on the back of the sheep while the older girl held the baby in place.
Just knowing this about the sheep I fell in love with it! The tenderness this girl who's name was Virgi, and her family gave to the sheep was so touching to me. I was raised on a farm for the first 11 years of my life and although we never had sheep we had many other type of animals. I always wanted a sheep and in my 20s ended up having 3 goats, not the same but close enough.
I have lightly tinted the image to add extra charm and think it would be a wonderful photo in a frame in a country kitchen or little child's room.
Now I have the idea that I probably should not have sold the other 2 photos that went with this one as I could have used them in a story about this sheep.
You can see how I couldn't possibly sell this photo.. there was no way.
I think its getting harder and harder for me to part with the best photos for ebay as I am no longer getting what the true value is for them. I am certain that last year at this same time I would have gotten above $50 for this photo and today I might be lucky with $7. It the same for everything.. this really is the time to buy anything collectible as the prices are so low... I should probably be buying instead of selling!
Please keep your eyes open for anything I could tint for my cloth doll series... I am happy to purchase from anyone... send a scan and I will reply.
Well its finally raining here in Sedona, finally as it really is the first time since mid December.. it was so dry here and the birds are so happy!
Have a wonderful Saturday and weekend.. I am going to see Slumdog Millionaire tomorrow.

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twolefthands said...

What a gorgeous picture! I love it!

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