Monday, January 12, 2009

Summer Sisters on Porch w American Flag

I am on a flag thing lately... not that I am a flag person per se.. although I do love the American Flag as it is to me a symbol of our country that I love, but rather the flag in vintage photos seems to add a graphic element that cannot be denied. It represents celebration for days gone by, where the farmer and his wife and kids spent a day relaxing, participating in parades and picnics. Although this is usually a summer time celebration I cannot resist coloring a flag! To leave it black and white is almost a crime!
I decided to include both the original and the tinted photo to show what the process is. I went to the flag and selected every single line, cut it and pasted it into its own layer and then colored it.. all the blues, all the reds... I love the result... you can see what happened with the dresses and I even selected the beautiful huge collar of little girl and made it and her sleeve white. This was important for the photo. Their skin was lightened and eyes and cheeks tinted as well. This will probably be a perfect print.. the light was perfect.. no bad shadows on their faces so it is pretty even. I might even make myself a print of this to frame as I think it is so nice! The light on the screen door just feels like summer time and in the middle of winter I think we all need to feel that warmth.

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