Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday... is there enough time in the Day if I sleep in until 7 am? More doll stuff running through my head

here is a close up of a photo I sold on ebay.. does it get cuter? I think we all had this feeling of loving our little dolls or toys when we were young.. I have come across many little boys with dolls too and will share them sometime... this is especially sweet!

I am thrilled to see my photo on the Front page of etsy.. the Isadora dancers.. they are so sweet. thanks to enhabiten for the treasury!
I am working at fever pitch to get more of my tintype and vintage dolls sewn.. slight set back with Ralphie.. I didn't give him enough room and he might be too thin to stand. I will redo him and also printed out the darling new yellow dress tintype baby which I predict will be one of my favorite dolls yet.... I want to thank my friend Sandra for her constant inspiration and friendship with these dolls.. it was her idea to make them to begin with and now like a horse that has started to gallop on the straight away.. I cannot stop. I have always loved cloth and art dolls. I have a few my sister Sheila made that I bought from her over the years as she has been making the dolls for years.. I think there is nothing like cloth dolls.. it just reminds me so much of the primitive folk art dolls of old... I also love the bisque and porcelain dolls and the lovable rubber dolls all dolls really but to have a group like this is fun! I am also interested in doing pets such as dogs, cat and rabbit and horse.. if anyone comes across any old photos of any of these animals they want to share or sell to me... please write as I would love to tint them and make them into dolls. My friend Jane Pedler who is the writer for the stories I am making is also on a creative surge for she has so much to tell.. Anyone interested in her stories of children from long ago should contact me and I will put you in touch with her to get a copy and to read a description of the stories... all I can tell you is that I have never met anyone who writes better stories of children from long ago.. the stories will make you laugh and cry... she has the best visuals possible and I am over the moon to be able to work with her on this doll/book project.. Get some rest Jane.. she works 2 jobs back in New Jersey and writes during one of them...
OK on to work... Oh yeah I am thinking of collecting doll stories and putting photos with them and making a table book.. I love that idea...don't you?

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