Saturday, January 10, 2009

the inner chamer glass negative toned

Lately I am having a good time selectively toning different areas of photos. I have always admired the selenium toned photos that professionals did in the past. I remember oh so well standing out on my deck sepia toning photos with the stinkiest toner that was also highly toxic, making my printed photos brown. Now its a matter of photoshop. To think of all the work in those days to tone a photo. I am sure there are still the purist who love the smell of the sulphur and other chemicals used to tone the prints but one cannot argue poison in your nose and near your skin over the photoshop tools.
This image is from a glass negative from England from a very wealthy family who owned hundreds of acres. I bought a huge lot and spent way too much money having them shipped here from England. I toned this one in multiple layers and total time for alterations.. 1 hour! Not bad for the finished piece. This is I believe a mausoleum for a woman. You can see the stone roof is missing and through the door is an inner chamber that reveals a sculpture lying sideways in a fireplace like spot. I would bet that there was a body behind that spot. This is all conjecture on my part as usually glass negatives come with no documentation and its difficult to garner anything so I do tend to make up a story for them. This person/woman was well loved as an entire building was made to house her remains. I love the old look of it. I would guess that this building is barely there if at all today. I love how the iron gates seem to invite one's eye into the scene... I really am intrigued by this image.
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