Friday, January 30, 2009

Twin Girls & Their Dolls

This is an image from my glass negative collection of twin girls and their dolls. There is something very Diane Arbus about these two girls. I don't mean in a sinister type of way but rather an unusual image in that the two are alike this is obvious but yet despite the attempt by the photographer there is something that sets them apart. This setting by the side of the house, a very typical spot for a photo in early 1900s and also the lighting was pretty nice.. To me the nicest and most beautiful part of the photo is how delicately their hands touch, connecting them in a way that goes beyond the photo, to some other place that only twins can go, that knowing feeling of always having the other.


LuLu said...

Bonjour Marianne! This is a wonderful picture, somewhat disturbing but beautiful. What impresses me the most is the stern face of the girls and their perfect posting. Thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend! LuLu

moondogfarm said...

I really love this photo! I always wonder when i see old photos like these of children...what did they endure back then that my children will never experience...what did their lives become?

SToNZ said...

Wow...I can relate to this one-having identical twin (often crabby when having their photo taken) daughters!
Great image!

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