Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Little Flag Girl

Here is a quick once over on a glass neg that really should never be printed because the clarity just wasn't there but the image is just too good to let go and not be seen. The effort that the photographer went to setting this up is worth seeing. The little girl adorable and the big flag under her..I relaly love the image and probably would make a drawing from it as that would be nice as well.. I want to say here that although there are not alot of responses on my blog I was thrilled to get an email from a friend who said she reads my blog everyday and enjoys it and also mentions I should write a book. Its so great to get any feedback when you blog as you often can feel as if you are writing into a void and that you are doing it for yourself, which is ok too.
I am dedicating this image and blog to her.. she sprained her hand while trying to clip one of her many many dogs nails and fell over with the dog off the couch.. this sounds comical unless of course you are the one its happening too.
Yesterday my daughter was driving out of the driveway for her basketball practice and I remembered that the jersey was still in the dryer and she was leaving without it. I ran out after her in my socks in the 30 degree temps to stop her and let her know and cracked my right thumb on the doorknob as I ran quickly out to her... of course she was glad I stopped her but then was starting to mentally blame her for the thumb injury because if she had remembered the jersey herself I wouldn't be running after her. then the funny thing is in the morning when she goes to school I ask if she wants me to pack any food and she says" I don't need help" typical teen, and I am thinking of the jersey and how if I hadn't run it out she wouldn't be able to practice as that is the rule. SO every now and then parents are vindicated or whatever the idea is. I know that we all end up injuring ourselves to help our kids or pets one time or another and that we rarely will get the thanks or understanding we deserve... I just hope my friend heals quickly and her hand repairs so she can stop typing with the left hand.... Feel better Sarah!


Sandra said...

Hi Marianne, I read your blog everyday too! It is always so interesting. You have a way with words and write so naturally. I feel what you are saying. I always love the images you find and how you paint and tint them. thank you for putting your heart and soul into your blog. Sandra

maryeb said...

I agree. That is a fabulous image.

Being a mom certainly has it's hazards. But our furry and non-furry children are certainly worth it.
Thanks for sharing your stories.

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