Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Trick Photography 2 Girls but Really one!

First of all again thanks to all who sent in stories for the doll contest.. I will be happy to add any to this group if sent in at any time about any toy.. love having photos or drawings to show too if you have them.
Second... a new President is worthy of a note here.. I for one am hopeful even if that sounds trite as we have had 8 years of fear and loathing and now I think when you are down so long it almost looks like up.. as a nation that is.. but not true.. we can always rise to the occasion and move ourselves forward.. it is what we do best as a nation of mixed background immigrants and those who's grand parents came over in the early 1900s as mine did. I spent alot of time yesterday on a website called Geni and got to see photos of my father's grandmother Mary and my great grandpa Harry Henry Clancy.. what a handsome guy.. He married a wonderful woman and they had many children in Ireland and later.. coming over on the boat "Cedric" the sister ship to the Titanic.. in 1914. they settled in Detroit and it was there that my grandfather PAtrick Joseph or "Appie" as he was nicknamed, grew up and met my grandma Beatrice Rogers.. they had 5 children and my dad was the oldest as I am. So several of us having had our grandparents born in Ireland applied for and recieved Irish citizenship of which I hold dear as I am able to move there or anywhere that the queen rules and live as a full citizen. I love America and probably will never leave but to have that option is a nice feeling. I tried to post the photos from Geni but the image has a marker on it which will not let me post.. I will post them when I recv the cd I requested from my cousin Mark who is 50 today..happy birthday Mark!!

I have posted a photo again from my friend in France who has an extensive glass negative collection and he sent this one of an early trick photo where the photographer used the same girl and different exposures to create the look of 2 girls with one doll in buggy.. I love the attempt at the illusion.. especially since the buggy moved and we see the movement...
So a new day in America.. celebrate.. out with old in with new for whatever that may mean.. let us all keep the new pres and his wife and kids and vice pres in our prayers and hearts that they may rise to the occasion, keep us safe.

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