Monday, January 26, 2009

My Heart is in Your Hands

It is almost Valentine's day and the fervor is in the heart and all shapes like it. This is an image of my own hands holding a rock on the beach in Santa Cruz. I just had to tint it even though the image stood alone as a rock shaped like a heart. I was hunting for a piece of lace.. well I still am, and while digging through boxes stacked up in the hall closet I came across several original painted photos which I am going to try an list over the next few days on my etsy store. This is one of them and if you are interested in seeing it larger click the title to go to the store page where it is and then click on the magnifier under the photo to see the larger version.

Well I think I have too many things on my plate.. I need to find this piece of lace as I believe it is valuable and I want to give it to my daughter who is starting a business in Oregon selling a wonderful product that is at present hush hush for fear of competitors.. all I can say is that big hotels are begging for it but she cannot process it because it is expensive to process and ship so she needs cash outlay and I think this piece of lace is like a gift from above.

Yesterday I was telling Sheila, one of my many sisters, that I was hunting down this piece of lace that was given to me 30 years ago by my older daughter's grandmother. It had been on the bottom of her mother's wedding dress which had been imported from Italy and was vintage at the time of purchase for her gown. She lived on the mainline in Philadelphia, an only child of a very wealthy banker and her wedding could not have been more lavish as I was told. That lace was my gift when she died and I saw a piece like it online for a very high price and I flashed to the piece of lace that I had tucked away with all my treasures into a vintage purse that I recvd. from my mother's mother. Where is it I am still asking myself. I know I have it somewhere. So while telling this story to Sheila she said, "I just checked the front page of Etsy this second and it switched to a new treasury which had at the top right corner,"found while doing a search of the word,"lace". Wow, I thought, a true message from above... maybe this lady from Philadelphia knows how important it is for my daughter to have this lace for her business and she will guide me to it... Hours later, I still hadn't located it, but instead have found some very nice images that I had painted years ago and at the time had decided not to sell. I hope you will check into my store over the next few days as I will list them. This is one of 3 I posted last night. I try to write a little story about each photo, where I took it and why.. So enjoy the photos, the day and the week.. may it be filled with found treasures and lots of heartfelt love!

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