Friday, January 16, 2009

front page first thing 6 a.m.-Spreading Peace Now..Peace Baby!!

yesterday was an emotionally charged day.. yes mercury the ruler of communication is/was spinning backwards until the 31st and that has alot to do w it as Mercury is the planet that rules communications.
I am interested in marketing myself on Etsy and make treasuries along with other family members. We often feature each other and also other wonderful artists in our quilt of choices. My sister Sharon and I had to deal with a person on an off etsy flckr group who was being mean and accusing our family of being immoral.. I had posted her name but decided it was not going to do anyone any good to know her. She said some untrue things and then this morning I went to the blog and she had written a public recount saying she based her entire rantings on one other person's observation that one of our family members had made treasuries without a store(which she now has), and that we were all in some big conspiracy about it.. I admit it was pretty upsetting but then this morning I awoke to this beautiful FP and feel that its better to stay away from these ranters and continue to work in a positive surrounding with people you love and care for and to let those who live in fear and anger stay there....I am hoping that today will be a better day and to all those who are good and true on etsy... keep spirits high and don't let the jealous ones try to bring you down.. be positive and happy and keep doing your best... for there is nothing more you can do.. and spread love and peace in the world. there is enough fear to make that task seem impossible... but.. all we really can do is try to love one another and give support to those who need it... That is my piece for the day... may you go in peace.. today and always....XXOO

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sheila at shecological said...

Amen!! I am better off when I just don't know about the negativity. however, you do have to call people on their shit every once in a while! I am not telling valerie because I don't want to upset her. the poor sweetheart has only positive intentions and a pure pure heart of gold!

lots of love,


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