Friday, January 9, 2009

Rose Bloom in High PAss-ode to Portland Rose Garden-dedicated to a friend

I have a fascination for roses.. have since I was small. This one is so beautiful! I took it into photoshop and ran a high pass on it, adjuting the levels. Usually this filter is just for portraits but I wanted to try it out on this flower.
I am dedicating this rose to a dear friend who lost her father recently. She has really been through alot and this latest experience was difficult. I always feel flowers and birds and animals help us heal from our troubles.. its worked for me and I hope it does for her..
I remember on my last trip to Portland which was 2 summers ago, I was so excited to finally see the rose garden there. I got the camera and headed up the steep hill on the bus with Rita. the park in portland is so gorgeous and we were there at the optimum time to see the roses, mid July. I got out the camera when I arrived at the garden of beautiful roses and started to take photos. After one photo the battery died and the little store there didn't carry the correct type for my camera. I stood there upset and then realized that I had come to see and smell the roses.. not just to take photos. I very rarely am moved to tears by anything in nature but the incredible perfection of roses is something that most of us cannot deny. Tears filled up in my eyes at the incredible beauty of some of the roses and I knew that my deep connection with them is much too strong to forget their beauty because I didn't have my camera or wouldn't have photos to look at.
I spent my time content to look and gasp and enjoy the smell and pleasantness of the day. In some way I felt unburdened to not take photos as the other senses could take over. For a photographer it could have been a trauma but I turned it around and was proud. Isimply loved the roses and in return they loved me back.
I guarantee a wonderful experience if you are ever in Portland to visit their rose garden.. one of the most wonderful places on earth, roses love the climate there and like grapes that thrive in Sonoma.. roses are happiest in Portland.. I am convinced of that!

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Sandra said...

Dear Marianne? am I the dear friend? Guess what? Roses are my favorite flower and always have been. When I was a kid my family would take a day trip to a Victorian park in Riverside called Fairmont Park. It had a beautiful Rose garden. I used to walk all around the garden admiring the different colors of the beautiful roses. Even the rose pedals on the ground gave the garden its magic. I wonder if the Rose garden is still there some 30 years later. I'll have to check and see. Pink Roses are my favorite. Roses do remind me of dad and the rose garden. He was so patient taking his family on a little day trip. no seat belts back then. We were all over the car driving dad nuts. thank you, Sandra

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