Thursday, January 29, 2009

Marsh Kodak Store San Francisco 1914

Here is an amazing image of a store front from a photo album that I am listing on Ebay right now that belonged to a man named Roy Rogers from Monterey or Carmel. I only think this is his name as there is a postcard addressed to a "Mrs Rogers" in the album and a boy who looks like his father did when he was little named"ROy Jr." so piecing that together I came up with this little story about the man who took this photo and here is my listing from Ebay, if interested in seeing a close up of this store front click the title and you will be taken to the auctions where there is a close up and you can see right into the window there is an exhibit going on. This is where the Marriott is now in SF..imagine.. here is my posting from the auction:

an original vintage photo that was taken by an artist who lived with his wife and child in Monterey or Carmel CA. I have acquired a lovely album of his and by piecing the story through the photos and a few written comments I surmised he lived there after attending school in SF. His images were taken to do paintings or illustrations from and are incredibly well thought out in their design.
This image identified on back with the photographer's sepia script,"Marsh & Co. Show window, not a large on-but they do the business just the same-Some of my lettering on the window."
there is a 1914 diary in the window..
I found out that this company Marsh-Garvin later known as Marsh Girvin due to a misspelling was located at the place where the Marriott Hotel now resides. Amazing.. I would love to have seen this little store! There is an amazing display inside the window of and a sign that says "photo exhibition"(maybe it was used as a gallery for photographers), and most appear to be landscapes.. I wonder if this photographer had one of the images up in there that I am listing now on Ebay? Who knows... you can see the Kodak cameras clearly and one is $25! this is truly one for the photo collector and the detail is amazing. There is a surface crease but it doesn't even go through to the back so it doesn't affect the photo's clarity. I would think this should be scanned and blown up in some type of photography museum in San Fran. All of the images listed in my store with the info being from Monterey and or Carmel and surrounding missions etc came from this photographer's album. Just clear and beautiful showing California central coast in all its early day glory!

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