Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Toys in the Attic by J.C.

This is a photo taken by dear friend who lives in France. He like myself is an avid antique and toy collector. This is a photo that he made for my father who is a painter and enjoys set ups to paint from. Amazingly this is only a partial set up as most of these things are really sitting on shelves in his attic. I really love this image and it is only part of the whole photo as there is so much its impossible to see any details so I cropped it a little to have a closer view at all the wonder that is there. Feast your eyes. I hope that this new year will be a great new begining for all of us and also that somehow the conflicts around the world will find a peaceful solution. Enjoy your day and remember to take heart in the little things and never forget the past as it is our window to a bright future!

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LuLu said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 Marianne! This is a wonderful picture, just my style! Love the mixture of colors against the wooden walls! Love it! I hope this new year brings you nothing else than good things like love, peace, health and happiness! Take care, LuLu

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