Monday, April 20, 2009

St. Mary Magdalene-Suffering after Crucifixion-Painted Mixed Media by Rita Clancy

I wasn't sure how to react when I first saw this mixed media piece that Rita did. I told her she would have lots of people thinking she was taking a person from the bible and making it look bad and people might get all upset about it and I was concerned for her posting it.

Then she said,"Mom are you familiar with this painting? That woman was making a face that looked like a bear in a trap and in terrible pain." I told her the story of how she was close friends with Jesus and her heart was broken when he was crucified. Oh that is probably why she looked like she was in horrible pain."

Then I realized that its so important for us to not be judgemental with art. Its easy to do, to be opinionated and say this and that, but really when it gets right down to it, what do we really know behind the art that might connect to the artists feelings or impressions of things to be able to truly "know" why they did what they did or painted this or that.

I believe that art is, as many would say," life" and vice versa. That is where the fun can begin, what did the artist say about life or his life in the artwork, not how it looked or if the design or color was off.

In think in Rita's case the anguish in Mary Magdalene's face frightened her and she painted over it to symbolize a pain that felt like an animal in a trap. Pretty cool. So I share with you.


david said...

Often in art or any form of expression the artist must be willing to face risk. Congratulations to Rita for being willing to do that.

Julie Magers Soulen said...

Wonderful expression of pain and suffering. I'm happy you let Rita spread her wings. It's the only way we grow.

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