Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sarah Painted CDV Mixed Media-PAinted on The Watching Table

Thursday morning...Well I am at it again. I cannot seem to stop myself from painting over these little carte de viste photographs. I usually end up doing them while watching my favorite British film, the latest was The man who cried, a Catherine Cookson story. That woman was amazing and her films recreated with only the finest of the British actors. That one is a must see.
Again the cdv's speak to me and say paint me paint me so I succomb and with my wonderful Ott light given as a gift I sit at a table that is only big enough to get your knees under, about 3 feet off the floor. This was purchased at an estate sale many moons ago for an art table when Rita was only a baby. I remember her dad saying"what do we need that table for?" and I told him Rita would sit and paint at it. It was a swedish made table that although the legs are thin you can stand on it due to the incredible workmanship. To me there is nothing nicer than a scandanavian made piece of furniture. They have always had a simple yet durable approach and I am here to say this little table which Rita called"my watching table" , when she was three because she stood on top of it and watched whatever I was doing, will never leave my life. I cannot tell you how many things have been painted on it. I hope to refinish it at some point and keep it in a safe place to pass on to her when she gets older.
SO if you are at a tag sale and see a little table, don't pass it up. This one was only $15. Refinished it should be more valuable, but at present it is worth something only to me.


Julie Magers Soulen said...

I can just see you painting away and watching a movie! Thanks for sharing!

OriginalTreasures said...

I love it is very sweet! Hmm...nice name choice! ;)
Your work table is perfect, and I too can just see you painting away while watching a movie, it's so you!!

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