Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cry Baby -Me

I have always been known to have an upbeat disposition. I wake up each day and greet the new dawn.. yes dawn, with a hopeful feeling. I think it keeps me alive actually. There are plenty of things to worry and be concerned about, flu, war, economy, health, retirement on and on...But really its not all within our power to change all that overnight. So I prefer to be a bit optimistic while being realistic. Does that make sense?

I do know from what my mom has told me that as a small child I was very inquisitive and was turning knobs and exploring early on and walked at 9 mnths. I was to be the earliest of all the walkers in our family, lucky for mom. I do remember going to kindergarten and feeling a terrible sense of missing home and mom..that is until I discovered the fake store and the fake food and playhouse. Then with some encouragement from my kindergarten teacher I was fine. I did suck my thumb until first grade, something that the doctors tried over and over to cure and finally that was accomplished. I also had a lisp so my early years were not too traumatic but rather little obstacles that had to be overcome. I think the speech therapist was patient as I don't feel there was trauma around keeping the teeth together when I said my,"S's".
However this photo of me which only surfaced recently is one of the few if not only photos of me crying. That is because it was taken by my uncle. His two little girls Patsy and Peggy who were my age and one year older were sitting nicely beside me and I am sure he picked me up and plopped me down and quickly took the photo. I love it! Almost all photos we see are so posed and perfect and the children smiling and in their best attire. Here I was in my perfect dress and crying my eyes out because I was abruptly separated from mom. I am happy my cousin Ann decided to send this to me last week and so I share a little cry baby Marianne with you!
Keep smiling!


Julie Magers Soulen said...

You look like you are mad about something for sure! I love that your cousins are looking at you very perplexed. LOL

Sandra said...

oh my goodness this photo is priceless. I just love it. Thanks for sharing.I always love to read about a person's earliest memory and development. It is a glimpse on how who they will later become. I did not walk until I was 15 mos. I have always been very late to adapt to a new trend but once I do, watch out. I just now have a cell phone. I was the last and i mean last to buy an answering machine. I hated VCR's too. Someday I'll get an Ipod. People are starting to stare at me with my discman.

brunococo said...

great photo! You were such a doll! Much cuter than the 'peas'.

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