Saturday, April 4, 2009

French Window Shopping-Collage

This is a photo of course from a small town in France..isn't everything a small town in France. Actually a friend took the photo and I collaged in the women from an old advertisement. There were bottles of wine in the window originally.
I love the tone of the paint and the brick along the sidewalk. I need to go to France... fast! I would probably spend all my time taking photos.. and trying out the cheese and wine.
I might want to brush up on my French as its been years since I spoke any.
Note the movie stars in top row, Harrison Ford is in there and Jackie O and a few others. I didn't put those in the top.. they were already there!
Its Saturday evening and all things quiet after that big wind storm yesterday.. waiting to hear back how Rita did at the track meet.
I am really into Catherine Cookson films(based on her books). My sisters, Aunts, mom and I are watching them all in sync. I saw a really great one last night called, "The Wingless Bird" oh.. run, don't walk, and rent it... let me know if you liked it.. I know you will. I have seen almost all her films.. so good, excellent writer really!
Enjoy your Sunday as it is the last day of the week.

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Julie Magers Soulen said...

Love your photo collage! The colors are lovely. I'm lusting to go to Paris this spring. Sigh!

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