Friday, April 10, 2009

Ruth Benedict Poet Antropologist-One thing leads to I came to find out about her

I think the theme running through my head, and its at full speed this morning... but first I must tell you that.. I have my set routines, coffee, email, etsy, ebay..maybe a little news if I allow myself the time before I make a quick breakfast for Rita and get her going, feed the dog, etc. These routines that are sometimes but not often broken by an unforseen thing, a u-turn so to speak. Today I was thinking about the blog and as its Friday I wanted to do or say something special so I sat a moment and the first thing that popped into my head was to slowly publish parts of the story from this diary/photo album which I bought that is about the Freeman family of Pasadena. I have had this sitting next to me for 6 years like a piece of chocolate cake you look at for its beauty and keep because of the smell or future melt in your mouth taste that you want to preserve. that is how I feel about this album, as if it is one of my most precious items, one that I cannot sell or give or do anything with but publish some day.
Well, I am interested in history..of course, so I read the first page of the 10lb book to myself and thought, "why haven't you researched her side of the family", that is Marmee as they called her, the mother of the 5 Freeman children. The book starts off with the 2 oldest girls Beatrice and Peggy going east to see aunt Ruth and Grandma at the "Shattuck", farm in Norwich. I typed this into google and wondered why I hadn't before done this. Why, it wasn't the right time I guess, if you believe in such things.. well I think I do. What I found was a treasure chest of information about Margery's family and her wonderful sister Ruth. I read a good deal about her and now find that I want to know more.

I love science and art as a path and know I would have loved a career that could cross over to both. Ruth was a published poet and an amazing writer and anthropologist and later a friend and possible lover of Margaret Mead. This info I have found online as you can but here is the photo of the book cover. I am now going to dig deeper but Ruth and Margery's father and great grandfather were both incredible people. I won't write it all here but if interested, here are 2 wonderful links to read link here.
or a short concise page click here.
So, one thing does lead to another. A path you set out on can be the same path you walked before or if the adventurous spirit should strike you.. veer off to the path not yet chosen. You never know what you may find. Life can be a mystery if you allow yourself options to discover new things.
Historical photography is one such option, you never know what story might lie behind that piece of paper. I would love to know more and now I do... tell yourself that.. with anything. Just asking the universe for that will start your quest for anything. Now go discover.
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A wonderful Photographer named Julie and fellow blogger has a GREAT post with another wonderful poet's work about Trees.. she has graciously included one of my tinted glass negative photos of trees and I think its worth the trip to her blog to read the poem and see the beautiful chosen photos.
here is her link.

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Julie Magers Soulen said...

I too love history and enjoyed your personal account of "savoring" the album. Thank you so much for mentioning my blog too!

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