Thursday, April 2, 2009

Our Simple Beginings-Where I was born

We might have a truckload of money, or a big fine car but for many of us middle Americans we had humble and simple beginings. This is the house I was born into after being brought home from Ardmore hospital in michigan. This was my parents first home after being married and I think they spent about a year and a few months before I was born. I was an inquisitive child and liked to touch everything. My mother said I was the earliest walker of all 11 children at the age of 9 months i was walking. Then came my brother Mike the following year and at that point I am sure having two children in this small house made my parents decide to move to the country. The homes were so close together and it was in a small town called Berkeley. This was my first humble begining and also the smallest home I ever lived in. After 8 years or so on the farm in New Hudson we moved back to a suburb called Southfield Estates. I think we bought the show home or the one that everyone looked at before they had theirs built. I think we got a deal on it, so it was "slightly used" but we made it our home and our family lived in it for another 15 years I think. I left when I graduated so that was in 1969 on to Philadelphia and then the farm.
I don't remember this home at all but just finding it among my old photos was such a thrill.

I also realized something that when looking through my photos that now due to digital photography most photos are printed on paper. The inks fade and then they are thrown away. Maybe that is why I am fascinated by actual photos because its almost as if history will not be recorded and shared and mulled over the way it is now. 20 or 40 years from now people will not look through their photo albums with their kids and show them photos of grandma marianne because the photos are no longer printed except some folks go to Walgreens and go that route but not many, they simply share as I am doing... over the internet.. Maybe those photos that mean alot to you should be printed out on real photo paper like in a darkroom on black and white mat paper, not glossy.

Take your time with photos. Look at them carefully. SEe which ones you really want to be around in the future.

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