Saturday, April 18, 2009

First Communion Native American Girls New Mexico Glass Negative

These two girls are native Americans. They are wearing traditional silver pounded bracelets. I believe they were forced by some white folks to make their communion. this happened alot I have found that even in New Zealand people with all good intentions took "heathen" children from their parents and fostered them through religion. These girls don't look to thrilled but they are beautiful. I would rather have seen them in their native clothing. The parents would never have allowed this unless they had died or were talked into something as Indians that I have known are very proud and do not believe in the traditional religions. Not back then anyway. The image is still a gorgeous piece of history and I am thrilled to have found it.

On another note, I am on day 2 of a garage sale, this is proving to be alot of work. I hope to get rid of lots of the garage this way and make some cash but really put Blue through the ringer being on a leash next to me all day and now at 6 am must prepare to do it again.

TOnite is the school prom for my daughter, she was so excited she did a dry run and dressed up in everything including the heels and pranced around the house for an hour in them trying on jewelry and make up but not much of that as she is really pretty without it. I will try to get photos tonite.
Have a wonderful Saturday and enjoy spring.. its here!


brunococo said...

Wonderful photo...too bad they look so sad.

Cheryl said...

do they look sad? It seems all the pictures we have in our family from this far back are the same way. I asked once why no one smiled, it had something to do with exposure I think.

They are beautiful girls.

Sandra said...

I love this photo. Do u have it in your store? Really sweet faces. American Indians are wonderful, i have only great respect for the original people of this land.

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