Sunday, April 26, 2009

BAck to our century plant in the desert

A few days ago Rita had another track meet. It was a windy but wonderful day in the stands and all the children and coaches and volunteers didn't disappoint at all. I saw nothing but relaxed and happy faces among the participants and even in the stands the sparse turnout of parents were ones that were so easy to talk to and be around. They support their kids and want the best for them as we all do of our children. After the meet was over and sun was setting into the hills beyond Cottonwood, the last bits of light were still out and shining on this wonderful plant whom I had photographed a few weeks before. Now her showy blooms were open and abundant and I took a few snaps to be able to keep. I toned the image as I wanted to add a bit of cool to the plant and some warmer heat to the blue sky.
I love the idea that all those spikes protected the regal bloom which was reaching toward the sky some 3 feet, at least, above my head. Nature has her citadels and soldiers and this plant had the deadly sharp spikes all around her. I am still in awe of nature and hope to be forever. The day that she stops amazing me I will stop living for if we do not stop and look at what we are given on this planet and see it for what it is than we are not truly living.
I have added a gadget for the Heifer foundation on the right and I encourage all you folks and bloggers to unite for the fight against hunger this Wednesday. Do what you can to help. Together we are a power. Separate we can still do some things but there is nothing like a group to make a change. Join me in adding this gadget by clicking the link and signing up on their site, it takes only a few minutes.
Have a wonderful Sunday!

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Julie Magers Soulen said...

Those century plants are amazing! How lucky to see one bloom.

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