Friday, April 3, 2009

Queen of FLowers-Royal Queen-IS Anybody out there?

Here is a painted tintype I call "Queen of Flowers". I made this awhile back and will be listing it as a card on Etsy today.

So much talk about the queen last night. Michelle Obama put her arm around the queen..heaven forbid.. or should I say, protocol forbid. I found this pretty "touching" because Michelle is the new "queen" of Washington and the English Queen, well lets say she needs someone to give her a hug. Could be the first time in ages anyone has actually touched her body for the fear of being not acceptable in British "protocol". I love how something so simple as Michelle Obama changing her clothes on Air force One gives the news people fodder for talk for hours. I swear there must be something else they can be newsie about. Who cares.. I mean who really cares what Michelle is wearing, certainly not your average American woman who buys her clothes at Target or Macy's. The only folks who would know designers names are the people who shop for clothes that work at businesses such as bank executives who have so much money they don't know what to do with it and they don't watch the TV gossip news they are busy in the Cayman Islands lying on a cot in the sun.

I have really wanted the news people to wise up just a hair. Why do they try to deflect us from the real news such as the unemployment rate rising, the Chinese getting their act together to be the world leader in battery cars, the hideous crimes against women in the border towns of Mexico, the fact that all the sports programs were cut in the California schools making those kids who are already hyperactive from the sugary cereals even worse off than before so that when they come home all bundled with energy and loaded with homework they can spin out of control on their mom's who are trying to put together a nutritious meal from the vitamin depleted vegetables and the hormone induced meat that she picked up on her way home from working her 2ND job just to pay for the family's skyrocketing health insurance.

Is anybody out there? Helllloooo.. taking sports away from the schools. This is going to be a disaster for so many children and parents. I know because without sports in the schools how will kids stay healthy? WE have to pay $100 per sport here in Arizona which is alot of money but when you thinking about the value in terms of health and mental health.. really is there an option?

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david said...

Your right about everything you say of course but how could anyone miss all those things. Your tintype is wonderful and gives a little break of joy from all the things in the world working on our minds all day every day. Michelle and the Queen are kind of the same, I wish that was all the news had to report.

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